Precision Rifle Deployment Pad, Gen II

Precision Rifle Deployment Pad, Gen II
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Price: $129.95
Product ID : RIFLEPAD2
Manufacturer: The Wilderness
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Enhanced second generation improvements:
  • 1-foot longer than the Gen 1 design.
  • Slip-Not non-skid material on the ground side for better abrasion resistance, insulation, moisture protection, and non-slip grip.
  • Storage cinch straps now have an added retension slider-buckle to prevent loss, but are still removable.
Our Precision Rifle Deployment Pad is a rugged, portable and field-packable tactical shooting mat designed by Gunsite and Hornady instructor, and former police training sergeant, Giles Stock and The Wilderness. The pad features a unique "bipod retention pocket" at the front so that the shooter can capture the rifle's bipod legs and "load" the bipod by pushing the rifle forward lightly to create stabilizing tension. Used with our Giles AccuBag or Slimline AccuBag (*not included, available separately) as a rear buttstock rest, the combined system enhances field accuracy. The bipod feet can be freed from the pocket immediately for lateral movement. Having the bipod legs on the pad also prevents the feet from digging into soft, wet or sandy soil.

Intended for rigorous use by law enforcement and military snipers, and civilian rough-terrain target shooters, the pad is constructed of durable, abrasion-resistant 1000D Cordura nylon fabric on top and Slip-Not rubberized non-skid fabric on the bottom (**top of pad is the selected color; ground side Slip-Not fabric is black on all versions). It features a slim 1/8" closed-cell foam core that provides a lightweight moisture and temperature barrier without adding unnecessary bulk. Constructed with the guiding Wilderness philosophy that "overkill never fails," all seams are carefully multi-stitched at stress points and only quality materials are used throughout. Our pad will take years of field use while protecting the shooter from cold, wet, hot, or sharp ground conditions.

Now updated to be 1-foot longer than the first generation pad. At ~30" x 84" (*note that minor differences in sizing may occur due to fabric manufacturing variations) the pad is long enough for most of the shooter's body to be on the pad with the rifle's bipod feet locked into the retention webbing at the front. If ground conditions are severe, the shooter can choose to lie completely on the pad with the rifle supported forward of it. The pad may be folded in half to provide twice the padding and insulation while in a kneeling or seated shooting position.

The pad may be folded three different ways for storage or carry:

  • Rolled in full width for vertical attachment to a pack (~30" wide x 5" diameter)
  • Folded for 1/2 width (~15" wide x 9" diameter)
  • Tri-folded for 1/3 width (~10" wide x 14" diameter)

Fits our #1447 Stuff Sack.

Two 1" x 30" nylon straps are included and may be adjusted to secure the pad rolled into the 1/2-width and attach it to a backpack. They now feature an extra slider buckle to retain them in their slot and prevent loss. Includes an integrated carry-handle when rolled in 1/2-width. May also be rolled in full-width without folding for a long, more slender size that attaches well to the side of tall backpacks. Optional shorter 1" x 18" utility straps fit the full-width roll best.

Intended for field deployment in hostile conditions, the pad features milspec 550 cord loops at each corner for securing with tent stakes or nylon ties.

While intended primarily as a shooting mat, the versatile Precision Rifle Deployment Pad may also serve as hot weather protection from metal or rocky surfaces, as a cold-weather ground pad for sleeping to enhance the rating of your sleeping pad and bag, or as a barrier against wet surfaces. With a pair of shooting sticks, tent pegs, cordage, and some ingenuity it can be converted into a couple configurations of field-expedient, wind-blocking lean-to for emergencies. It can be staked or tied for use as a sun shade or military sniper's hide roof. Rolled up, this handy multi-tasker can even function as a forend shooting rest for some field situations.

*Final product may vary slightly from version pictured. AccuBags and rifle not included.

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