Safepacker Concealment Holster

(*Products listed at bottom after description and sizing guide.)

We contend that The Safepacker is the best, most versatile, and truly utilitarian holster in the world. With its low-profile, unconventional looks, you could call it the "un-holster". Possibly the most usable gun case ever made, it allows you to keep your sidearm and ammunition ready to grab and go at all times – and that's just the beginning of its abilities!

Safepacker family
The Safepacker Holster comes in many sizes to fit virtually all common handguns. It is available in both right-hand and wrong-hand (okay, left-hand -- our president Ralph is a leftie and likes to joke about it) versions. Constructed of tough Cordura nylon and thick closed-cell neoprene padding, the Safepacker was originally designed to completely protect a firearm and its reload for armed mountain rescue teams whose equipment received very hard use in rocky, dusty and sometimes rain-soaked environments.

*Important sizing notes:

• Right-hand denotes a right-handed shooter, left-hand a left-handed shooter. The Safepacker is hand-carried in the support-side hand and accessed with the dominant hand.

• Firearm models shown in ITALICS require the optional short-slide muzzle spacer to fit properly. Please choose this option if necessary.

• Frame-mounted lasers forward of the trigger guard may cause interference with the stitch line that divides the muzzle pocket from the spare magazine pocket. We have seen the fitting problem in smaller pistols, but have not seen it yet in larger pistols as the stitch line in the larger Safepackers was previously moved to better accommodate some frame-mounted white lights. Our Mini-9 Safepacker was designed with a modified stitch line to solve this issue for smaller pistols.

• Due to the enclosed design of the Safepacker holster, Frame-mounted lasers with cross-bolt activation switches may be inadvertently activated during handling of the case. We do not recommend the Safepacker for firearms using this activation mechanism.

• Safepackers are sized for use with magazines using standard factory floorplates. Extended floorplates for added capacity or finger extensions (most common on Glocks) may not fit properly in the standard size. When possible, we have checked the modified size and list which Safepacker is appropriate below.

If the weaponlight increases the overall length of the firearm you will need to choose the next longer size Safepacker to fit with the light mounted. Standard-size plastic floorplates/bumper pads on Wilson, Les Baer and McCormick 1911 magazines fit with no problem.

(formerly the "Mustang" size)
External dimensions: 5-1/2" X 6"

Fits: Colt Mustang/Pony (*Will NOT FIT Colt Government .380; see MINI-9 below), Kel-Tec P-32/P-3AT .380, S&W Bodyguard .380 with built-in laser, Beretta Tomcat/Bobcat, NAA Guardian, Seecamp LWS, Kahr P380, Ruger LCP (*works with Crimson Trace® Laserguard®; does not fit well with LaserMax CenterFire™), Kahr P380, etc. 

This is a very compact case that fits snugly. Some users prefer more space inside the case to obtain a better firing grip on these pistols and choose the J-FRAME Safepacker below.

**Sig P238 is slightly too long to fit the current MUSTANG size. See MINI-9 or J-FRAME below.


External dimensions: 6-5/8" X 7"

Fits: S&W Centennial/Bodyguard/Chief's Special 1-7/8" – 2-1/8" bbl. J-frames with low-profile birdshead, Uncle Mike's "Boot Grips" (oversized "Combat Grips" require a larger Safepacker; see below), low-profile Crimson Trace plastic LG-205 and LG-405 (with frontstrap and backstrap overmolded inserts) Lasergrips, Taurus M85 with compact wood grips, Sig P238, Ruger LCR w. Crimson Trace LG-411 Lasergrips (*LCR w. factory rubber grips fits slightly better in the J-FRAME+1, but can be used with the J-FRAME)

J-Frame +1"

External dimensions: 6-5/8" X 8"

Adds 1" of length over the standard J-Frame size.

Fits: S&W J-frame 63-5,317,360 .22LR Kit Guns with 3-1/8" barrels and low-profile birdshead or long or short "Boot Grips", Ruger LCR w. factory Hogue rubber grips (*LCR w. CTC Lasergrips will fit the standard J-FRAME above).


External dimensions: 6-5/8" X 7"
Mini-9 Safepacker with Glock 42.

Designed specifically for small, subcompact pistols that may have under-barrel factory laser aimers. *Note that only standard capacity magazines will typically fit correctly in the spare magazine pouch; extended-capacity magazines or some finger-rest basepads are too long and will bump into the pistol's grip, interfering with acquiring a firing grip and possibly activating some lasers. 

Fits: Glock 42 with or without Pearce finger-rest basepad on magazines, Springfield XDs .45/.40/9mm, Beretta Nano, Sig P365/P238/P290 with low-profile basepad or extended magazine, Walther PPS (with 6-round flush mag, see OFFICERS for compatibility with extended mags), *S&W Shield ONLY (will fit gun ALONE with no spare magazine; see OFFICERS size below for regular size), Kimber Solo, PPK, PPK/S, Kahr Mk9/Mk40/PM9/PM40, Colt Government .380/Pocket 9, Kel-Tec P-11, Ruger LC9 with low-profile basepad or extended magazine with finger rest.


External dimensions: 6-1/2" X 8"

Fits: Glock 26, 27, 33, 39, 43 (not compatible with Glock +2 or Pearce grip extensions, Crimson Trace G26/27 LG-436 underbarrel laser; see OFFICERS below), Walther P22 standard length (see OFFICERS below for modular laser compatibility)

*Springfield XD 3" Sub-Compact WILL NOT fit this size due to the height of the pistol; please see COMMANDER below.


External dimensions: 7" X 8"

Fits: Colt Officer's Model and similar including Colt Defender, Kimber Ultra, Para-Ordnance Para Carry C6.45 and Springfield Micro Compact, Glock 48, 43X w. spacer, S&W M&P Compact 9C/40C, M&P Subcompact 9/40, M&P Shield 9/40 with flush or +1 magazine, Sig P365XL, P230, P232, P239/P220 Compact, ParaOrdnance P-12, Beretta 84/85/86/Mini Cougar, S 908, Kahr K9, K40, P9, P40, CW9/CW40, P45, Ruger SP101 w. 2-1/4" bbl., etc.), S&W J-Frames with 1-7/8" – 2-1/8" bbl. with longer Uncle Mike's "Combat Grips" or longer "combat rubber" Crimson Trace LG-305 Lasergrips, Makarov, Taurus PT145/PT111 Millennium Pro, Walther PPS (with 7 or 8-round extended mag), P22 standard length w. laser attached.

*Italics indicate muzzle spacer required for correct fit and function with spare magazine.


External dimensions: 7-3/8" X 8-1/4"

Fits: Colt Commander and similar including Kimber Compact/Pro/Tactical Ultra, Springfield Champion, Sig Scorpion Carry (non-TB), Glock 19, 23, 29, 30, 32, 36, 38, 26, 27, 33, 39 w. Glock +2 or Pearce grip extensions on mags, Sig P245, P228, P229 (see GOV'T for mounted weaponlight fitting), P250 Full Size, P224, HK USP-9/40/45 Compact/HK45C/P30 (all compact HKs must use low-profile magazine bases; finger-rest basepads require use of GOVERNMENT version with an optional muzzle spacer due to interference with the spare magazine), Springfield XD 3" Sub-Compact, XD Compact w. standard short mag/flat basepad as spare, XD 4" Service Model, S&W M&P 45C, 945-1 (standard mid-length), SW9F, SW40VE, Sigma, 5906, 4536, up to 3-1/8" bbl. J-frame 317/360 Kit Guns with longer "Combat Grips," L-frames w. "Boot Grips" or factory wood that does not wrap around the backstrap, Charter Arms Bulldog .44Spl 2.5" w. factory grips, HK P7M8/P7M13 (*Will fit OFFICERS with no spacer, spare magazine won't fit), Ruger P95/P97, Ruger SP101 w. 3-1/16" bbl., CZ P01 Compact, CZ 75 Compact w. and w/o rail/CZ 100, Steyr MA1, M9/M40, Walther P88, P99, P990, Springfield SW99, Beretta 8000, 8040, 8045 Cougar full-size, Mauser M2, Taurus Judge 4510 "Public Defender" 2" bbl., etc.

*Italics indicate muzzle spacer required for correct fit and function with spare magazine.

**The Glock-branded weaponlight is slightly taller than the Insight/Streamlight M3-series or Surefire X200 and will not fit the COMMANDER size Safepacker correctly. Please choose the compatible GOVERNMENT model Safepacker for a correct fit which allows the weaponlight to be mounted in the holster.


External dimensions: 7-3/8" X 9-1/4"

Fits: 1911-style frames with 5" bbl. and similar (including models from Colt, Springfield Armory, Kimber Custom II/Tactical II/Tactical Pro II, Wilson Combat, Les Baer, Nighthawk Custom, Rock River Arms, Taurus, Dan Wesson, etc.), Browning P-35 Hi-Power/BDM, Glock 17, 18, 20, 21, 22, 31, 37, Sig P220, P226, SigPro SP2340, SP2022, P228R and P229R with Streamlight TLR-2, S&W M&P 9/40/45, Springfield XDm/XD 5" Tactical (all calibers), XD Compact (.45ACP) w. extended mag in grip or as spare, Beretta 92, 96, 90-2, PX4 Storm (*Will fit OFFICERS with no spacer, spare magazine won't fit), HK VP9/40, USP-40, USP-45, CT, HK45, HK USP-40/45 Compact with finger-rest basepads on mags, CZ 75, CZ 75 SP-01 Phantom, CZ 97B, FN Five-seveN (5.7), FN P9/P40 (*Will fit OFFICERS with no spacer, spare magazine won't fit), S&W 4506, 4026, 945 autos, S&W K/L-frame revolvers with up to 4" barrels/up to 3" N-frame revolvers** (S&W revolvers must use "Boot Grips" or other concealment grips that do not wrap around the backstrap or extend below the frame; see LGR below for larger profiles) S&W 329 Night Guard (for PD see LGR size below), Taurus Judge with 3" barrel & 2-1/2" cylinder (3" cylinder see GOV'T+1 below), PT-24/7 Pro/OSS Tactical, 4" bbl. Tracker .44 5-shot, Ruger SR9, P-85, P-89, P-90, etc.)

*Italics indicate muzzle spacer required for correct fit and function with spare magazine.

**Most large .44-.50 caliber speedloaders are too large in diameter and will not fit in the spare ammo pouch; we recommend Tuff Products QuickStrips as an alternative that should fit.

Government +1"

External dimensions: 7-3/8” X 10-1/4“

Adds 1" in length over Government size.

Fits: 9-3/4" overall length weapons, including Glock 34, 35, 17L, Taurus Judge with 3" barrel & 3" cylinder (2½" cylinder see standard GOV'T size above), S&W Governor, S&W 945 (full-length longer version), 6" longslide 1911 pistols, Dan Wesson 4" .357 Magnum, S&W M60 5". Please measure the maximum overall length for all others.

**Most large .44-.50 caliber speedloaders are too large in diameter and will not fit in the spare ammo pouch; we recommend Tuff Products QuickStrips as an alternative that should fit.

Government +2"

External dimensions: 7-3/8” X 11-1/4“

Fits 10-3/4“ overall length weapons (Colt SAA 4-3/4", Ruger Super Blackhawk 4.62", works well for some integrally suppressed .22LR pistols and compact pistols with compact suppressors attached) Measure overall length to confirm fit.

**Most large .44-.50 caliber speedloaders are too large in diameter and will not fit in the spare ammo pouch; we recommend Tuff Products QuickStrips as an alternative that should fit.

LGR* (Large Grip Revolver)

External dimensions: 8-5/8" wide x 10-5/8" deep

*This size is not compatible with our modular Safepacker products, including the Safepacker Briefcase, Packer Backer and Safepacker Runner's Pack.

Fits current generation S&W K, L and N-frames with up to 4" barrels, and X-frames with 2-3/4" barrels, with oversized combat grips that cover the backstrap or extend below the grip frame, such as Hogue large-frame Bantam and Monogrips, Uncle Mike's Combat Grips, Pachmayr Decelerator and newer S&W wood grips, including 329 PD, 325 Thunder Ranch Revolver. Also fits similar Ruger and Taurus revolvers, including the Ruger Super Redhawk Alaskan 2.5"/GP-100 w. 4.2" bbl. and Hogue Monogrips, Taurus 444 Titanium, etc. Other models include the CZ 75 TS Competition, FNP-45/FNX-45 (*may not fit with an optic mounted), HK USP Tactical .45/HK45T Tactical, and similar sized large frame autos. Shorter barrels require optional "Short-slide spacer" for correct fit. Tested to fit even the big S&W 500ES 2.75" Alaska survival revolver!

**Most large .44-.50 caliber speedloaders are too large in diameter and will not fit in the spare ammo pouch; we recommend Tuff Products QuickStrips as an alternative that should fit.

(Large Grip Revolver - Snub-nosed barrel)

External dimensions: 8-5/8" wide x 9-5/8" deep

*This size is not compatible with our modular Safepacker products, including the Safepacker Briefcase, Packer Backer and Safepacker Runner's Pack.

A 1" shorter version of our LGR designed to fit revolvers with large grips and very short barrels.

Fits: S&W 327 Night Guard with 2.5" barrel, or the 327 with 2" barrel and similar.

This size also fits numerous full-size and mid-size autopistols with longer extended magazines. Examples include the Glock 17 with a Taran Tactical +6 extension, or a Sig P226 with a factory 20-round magazine. It may also fit mid-size pistols (Glock 19, Sig P229) with extended magazines in place, but our optional muzzle spacer is recommended.

**Most large .44-.50 caliber speedloaders are too large in diameter and will not fit in the spare ammo pouch; we recommend Tuff Products QuickStrips as an alternative that should fit.


External dimensions: 8-5/8" wide x 10-5/8" deep

*This size is not compatible with our modular Safepacker products, including the Safepacker Briefcase, Packer Backer and Safepacker Runner's Pack.

A Safepacker for your iPad! Fits: iPad 1, 2, and 3 with no case. Offers all the Safepacker benefits of protection from bumps, dust and moderate moisture, belt carry even on wide pack belts, low-profile, fast access, D-rings for a carry strap, and a hand-carry strap.

WARNING: Mishandling of firearms may cause serious injury or death. Before practicing with your product, make sure your weapon is unloaded and pointed in a safe direction. Study how it attaches and how it will move when in use. If the product interferes with the safe operation or handling of the weapon, discontinue use. For further safety considerations, consult the owner's manual of your weapon and seek professional assistance.

The pistol is secured by friction, the flap, and the securing buckle. The internal pouch area is bisected by a stitch line that creates a muzzle-side and a magazine side. We have adjusted this divider to allow many autos to fit with SureFire X200/300, Insight M3/M3X or Streamlight TLR1/*TLR2 lights in-place (*we have been told the TLR2 light-laser combo works, but we have not been able to test it ourselves; the M6/M6X/X400 light-laser combo versions do not fit due to their added height). Please note that if the weaponlight increases the overall length of the firearm you will need to choose the next longer size Safepacker to fit with the light mounted. This is very common with 4" or shorter barreled handguns. On the muzzle side you will see the Velcro-closure speedcut that opens during the draw, allowing the Safepacker to bellow out for a full firing grip, and allowing the muzzle to very quickly clear the holster. When this speed cut is closed the Safepacker is snug around the gun and magazines. Everything stays properly oriented for fast, reliable access.

How would you like to reclaim all that off-side belt space taken up by spare mag carriers? Or, would you just like to carry one or two more reloads with no tradeoffs in space or bulk? The Safepacker can help. The compartment below the firearm's grip area is for spare ammunition; one wide high-capacity (9mm, .40 S, .357 Sig, .45GAP, .45ACP) or two single-column magazines (.45ACP, .38 Super, etc.) can be carried. Some prefer to carry a lone single-column mag for weight savings. Depending upon model/caliber, one or two 5- or 6-shot revolver speedloaders can typically be stacked in this pocket (*most large .44-.50 caliber speedloaders are too large in diameter and will not fit; we recommend Tuff Products QuickStrips as an alternative that should fit). When the proper size Safepacker is used for the gun, this still allows a full-firing-grip.

The inner core of closed-cell neoprene padding serves several purposes. First, it protects the firearm from damage, the original goal when testing with mountain rescue units. The padding eventually molds on the inside to the weapon, but more importantly, it prevents the weapon's shape from printing through the case on the outside. It also gives the case positive buoyancy when empty (but not generally when a gun is inside, with the possible exception of a Scandium alloy J-frame we are told – must be a good story there!).

The protective flap has a hidden side-access flat document compartment with a hook-and-loop closure. People have chosen to carry everything from checkbooks to grocery lists in this pocket. It can be accessed without opening the flap to reveal the gun compartment. The flap is secured with an adjustable strap using a Delrin buckle that is fast and simple to open under stress. In an emergency, or if you just want to carry as much ammo as possible, more semiauto magazines can be carried inside of the protective flap's hidden pocket (however, this can get very bulky and isn't generally recommended).

The wide reinforced belt loop on the back wraps around the front and secures with hook-and-loop fasteners beneath the flap. This allows easy-on/easy-off convenience with complete security. There is no metal hardware to rust, make noise, or dig into you. Our system also allows itself to be attached to almost anything, including our specialty briefcases, PackerBacker and Runner's Pack.

The back of the Safepacker, detailing the generously wide, reinforced belt loop.

The Safepacker attaches quickly to your seatbelt when you get into your car.

While the seatbelt and contoured seats can trap your sidearm in its belt holster, the Safepacker is readily accessible. While attached to the seatbelt, it also secures the weapon in case of an accident.

Other creative and handy spots are on your seatbelt, on very wide and thick backpack hip belts, even boat gunwales or wheelchairs. At the end of the day it can go on the side of your bed with the flap closure sandwiched between mattress and box spring where is is accessible and discreetly covered by the bedsheets. All without ever having to handle or expose the weapon.

There is a retention strap on top for secure carry in the offhand, ready to present the weapon in an instant. The right-hand version refers to a right-handed shooter, left-hand for a left-handed shooter. This is very popular here in Arizona with concealed carry permit holders as it looks like anything but a firearm holster and allows you to dress for 115ºF weather. Its chameleon-like quality also helps when the element of surprise may give you a life-saving extra second to respond. Testing has shown that people generally focus on the Safepacker with some confusion during the drawstroke, rather than the weapon being revealed. This effect has been verified in at least one real-world event by the surviving operator whose action beat the odds against two attackers with drawn weapons. You can attach the optional shoulder strap to the built-in Delrin D-rings for a bedside security package of gun and ammo that you can throw on over your pajamas. In addition, we have added an extra stitch line across the adjustment strap on the outside of the flap specifically to allow SureFire lights with pocket clips to be attached for bedside use. The two D-rings on top are also used to carry keys on a small utility carabiner (*current color is actually polished natural aluminum) now included as a free accessory! Along with acting as a distraction, keeping your keys attached helps you remember to always have your Safepacker (and its important cargo) with you. The options are only limited by your imagination.

Oh, and of course, you can put it on your belt too.

*Note that on the bottom of the case is a stitch line that should appear to be loose. It should be. It has no further purpose. It's called a folding stitch and it's on our Safepackers and Smartphone Case. The stitch allows a very neat fold with no wrinkles. So just ignore it. We could take it out after it's made but would add $$$ to your cost. -- The Wilderness

Safepacker to on targetIn an emergency the flap pocket can also be used to hold 3 spare single-column magazines, or 1-2 high capacity magazines. While this can become quite thick and heavy and isn't generally recommended, it is good to know.

The Safepacker can be carried as a clutch or man's wallet for very low-profile concealed carry in an urban environment. A money clip, checkbook or spare keys can be kept in the hidden side-entry pocket on the flap and accessed without ever revealing the weapon.

Presentation from the belt-mounted Safepacker

The business end after drawing from the Safepacker (at right). The case can either be retained in the hand, thereby retaining spare ammunition, or easily dropped from the carrying hand.

The optional Safepacker shoulder strap gives you a hands-free package you can throw on over pajamas. In an emergency you now have a firearm, reloads, your Sure-Fire clip flashlight or maybe a cell phone clipped on the outside – not to mention a place to reholster your weapon after a potential emergency is resolved.

Ralph Holzhaus"About halfway through my 15-year career as a high-angle mountain rescue operation leader for the Maricopa County (Arizona) Sheriff's Office Mountain Rescue Team, I had witnessed problems with Mountain Rescuers being armed. Standard holsters would allow damage to weapons and in some cases allow the gun to fall out. Keeping the weapon in a rescue pack didn't work because of the slow acquisition and occasional separation of the pack from the climber.

After some trial and error, I developed the Safepacker which was designed to wear on the back of our climbing harnesses. The Safepacker allowed the carry of a sidearm and space for ammunition in a covered, secure case. The Safepacker can be hand carried, belt carried, carried on a shoulder strap (optional), carried like a gun fanny pack on a Packer Backer (optional), or carried on one of our briefcases (optional). 

I have witnessed a Safepacker save a man's life."

-- Ralph L. Holzhaus II

Wilderness Tactical Products, LLC founder and Safepacker designer

Safepacker Holster, various colors and options


Safepacker Hiker/Mountain Biker Pack


The Packer Backer


Safepacker short-slide spacer


Dummy Velcro swatch for Safepacker


LM Utility Carabiner (non load-bearing)


Utility Mini-Biner


iPacker Field Tablet Carrier