Q: How long will take to receive my order?
A: Normally we like 3-10 working days. However, we try to ship product within 2-3 working days. (*Possible shipping delays during pandemics. Thank you for your understanding.)

Q: How long do I have to exchange an item?
A: 30 working days with receipt or proof of purchase.

Q: Can I exchange product without a receipt or proof of purchase?
A: No.

Q: Can I send in my old Wilderness belt for a Money Belt upgrade?
A: Yes! Adding the Money Belt liner to any existing belts costs $30.00 plus shipping.

Q: Can I refurbish/rebuild my Instructor Belt?
A: UPDATED AND UPGRADED: We do not consider our belts disposable. While they are “wear” items and need to be replaced when worn out or damaged, their lifespan can be dramatically extended with occasional maintenance and refurbishment.

What will you do?
We will replace the Velcro 3" securing patch of hook (scratchy) on the belt's end tab, and 10" or 12" loop (fuzzy) on all models of Instructor Belts and Frequent Flyer belts without charge. Buckles are not refinished during refurbishment/rebuild.

How much does it cost?

Velcro replacement is free if the customer removes the hook-and-loop (carefully), and $15.00 if we do it (plus $9.95 shipping).

The customer pays shipping to and from refurbishment; return shipping on Velcro replacement is $9.95 and we will offer a new belt at $5.00 off during the RA to be sent back with the repaired belt (to encourage purchasing another).

In the event the belt webbing needs to be replaced on one of our Instructor Belts, the cost of the replacement will reflect a $17.00 credit for the existing Wilderness Instructor buckle. The remaining price will be based on the type of belt the customer chooses as the replacement body (3-stitch, 5-stitch, or CSM). This does offer does not apply to Frequent Flyer Belts.

Money Belt Provision
Although we are very happy to replace the hook-and-loop fasteners on our belts at our expense, me must make an exception for our money belts.

Money Belts require a complete deconstruction, hook-and-loop replacement, and finally reconstruction which all takes considerable extra time over the normal fastener replacement. We must charge a $20.00 fee for the replacement of the loop on Money Belt bodies. The hook on the belt tongue will continue to be free.

Refurb requirements:
• The belt needs to be clean
• The belt needs to fit you. Existing belt bodies can not be altered for length. If it doesn't fit, we offer the replacement belt body option on your buckle.

My "Instructor-style" belt was actually a copy made by someone else. Do I have any options?
Did you buy a non-Wilderness Instructor Belt copy and now want to step up to the real thing? All is not lost! If your belt has an approved and rated buckle, we can replace the belt body with an authentic Instructor Belt body, built specifically for you using our proprietary webbing and construction on your buckle. You will get a $13.00 credit for sending us your buckle to re-use, with the remaining price based on the type of belt you choose as the replacement body (3-stitch, 5-stitch, or CSM). Many “Instructor-style” or “riggers V-ring buckles” can't meet the qualifications for this refurbishment, however some do. Please call and let us assist you in identifying the markings on your existing buckle to determine if it meets the requirements. Buckles are not refinished during refurbishment/rebuild.

How do I set up my belt refurb?
To set up a refurbishment on your belt or buckle, please call 1-800-775-5650 to discuss the services needed. Our sales associate will issue a return authorization and instructions to ship your belt/buckle back to us. RA#s cannot be issued by email, only phone. The RA# number MUST be written on the box to be accepted by our receiving department.

How long will it take?
We refurb once a week. That means people can no longer walk in and get new Velcro. We will however make a new belt on your buckle while you wait.

Q: Do I need a return authorization?
A: Yes. An unexpected box may be refused or improperly re-routed without an RA number on the outside. Please call 1-800-775-5650 and a sales associate will help you set up a return or exchange. Return authorizations can only be issued by phone, not e-mail.

Q: I purchased WTP product from another company and need to return/exchange it. Can I go through The Wilderness?
A: No, please contact the company it was purchased through. Dealers handle returns and exchanges for purchases made through them.

Q: Where are Wilderness products manufactured?
A: Here in our facility in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

Q: Do you have a retail showroom?
A: Yes, our retail showroom is colocated with our production facility in north central Phoenix. We welcome you to stop in if you are in the area. Here are our hours and directions. Please note that we are closed on weekends.

Q: How long will it take to receive an e-mail response?
A: We attempt to reply within three days, sooner if possible. Sometimes an answer is more complicated to track down, and frankly sometimes we lose track of a question while researching or believe someone else has replied to it. If you have not received a reply in a reasonable amount of time, we apologize for the oversight. Please feel free to call us toll-free at 1-800-775-5650 or remind us via e-mail. Please note that we are not in the office on weekends or holidays.

Q: You used to carry a product and I can't find it on your site. What should I do?
A: Please call. Some products have been retired, but others may either be on temporary hiatus or only available in limted runs.

Q: I lost my sling instructions and am having trouble figuring out how to properly put it on/use it?
A: You may call for a replacement instruction set, or go to Instruction Sheet Downloads and check for a replacement as a downloadable PDF you can print.

Q: The sling adapter says "right-hand"; does that mean for a right-handed shooter or on the right side of the gun?
A: "Right-handed" denotes for a right-handed shooter. This will put sling mounts and adapters on the left side of the weapon.

Q: I do not like to place orders via the Internet, can I send an order in with a check/MO?
A: Yes, but please call first for correct cost and shipping charges.

Q: I need something right away, what do I do?
A: Call us toll-free at 1-800-775-5650 to assure the product is in stock. We will check air delivery options and inform you of the cost, and we can check the inventory status as well.

Q: Can I use my PO box to receive your products?
A: YES! Thanks to a partnership between UPS and USPS, the new SurePost system finally allows us to ship to PO boxes using our standard Table Rate shipping option.

Q: I wanted to return my custom "no returns" belt, can I do that?
A: Umm, no. Please refer to the "no returns" disclaimer on custom products.

Q: Can I get a print catalog?
A: Yes. Just call or send us a request through our contact form. However, please note that the website typically is the most current representation of our products.

Q: How do I clean my Wilderness nylon products?
A: We generally recommend hand-washing in the sink with a mild detergent (Dawn dish soap or Woolite) and gentle scrubbing with a soft, plastic-bristle brush. Fabric cleaner may also be used for grimy or greasy areas. Rinse the product thoroughly to remove any detergent residue. Air drying afterward works fine if the case is left open. Be sure the inner pouch on the Safepacker is thoroughly dry before placing the weapon back in it and securing the flap. A hair dryer can help if you need to speed things along. We do not advise placing items in a washing machine or dryer.

Our Original Instructor Belt buckles are carbon steel for extreme strength, and thermochemically surface-treated to reduce metal fatigue, increase wear-resistance, and resist corrosion from moisture. However, after maritime use or if you have a high volume of salty or acidic sweat, we strongly recommend rinsing your Instructor Belt buckle with fresh, hot water. Long-term exposure to sweat or seawater without cleaning can result in minor surface rust.

Q: Why is Wilderness-made gear better than the competition?
A: Here are a few of the reasons:

• ALL seams are double-stitched THEN taped, for three stitches total. All tape ends are tucked in. Other makers don't double-stitch and some don't tape.

• We use 92-weight bonded polyester thread, which is heavier than the milspec industry standard (69-weight) and more U.V. resistant. 

• We use 8 to 10 stitches per inch. The average for most competitors is 5 or 6 stitches per inch.

• We us all high-grade nylon fabric and webbing, while many competitors use some use polypropylene webbing and off-shore fabric.

Q: How do I install my Giles Tactical Sling?
A: You may download instruction sheets for many of our slings here, or watch our installation video (below) which covers many the slings we sell. You may also call us toll-free at 1-800-775-5650 for live assistance any time during our business hours.

Q: How do I install my Giles Sling?
A: The process can vary a lot based on the rifle and sling combination, but here is a video guide showing the basics of sling installation.

Giles Tactical Sling Installation for Dual Side-Swivels