bearThe Alaskan Sling Paradox

Eleven-year-old Elliot Clark probably just expected to catch some fish that day, not become a hero. But on their way to a fishing hole this past June, he saved himself and his family from the surprise blitz of an Alaskan brown bear. 

When the bear unexpectedly attacked, his uncle was unable to respond to the charging bruin because his rifle was slung on his back. Fortuitously, Elliot’s father had not had time to put a sling on the youth’s shotgun. This forced him to carry the gun. 

While his family dodged out of the way as the bear stampeded past them, Elliot stood his ground, took aim, and began firing — ultimately hitting the bear with every shot and saving the party.

Read more here from the Juneau Empire: Armed 11-year-old boy saves fishing party from charging bear

To Sling or Not to Sling?

So does this story show that slings are bad and carrying long guns without slings is a good alternative? Absolutely not! It shows the need in the hunting environment for our Giles Sling and the all-purpose Wilderness Double-Point Sling. Our company founder uses a Giles Sling on his customized Steyr Scout and a Double-Point on a Marlin 336 because they allow front-carry for split-second use, can still be used for conventional shoulder-carry when necessary, offer hands-free weapon support for performing tasks, let you maintain control of the weapon at all times, and keep the muzzle oriented safely.

These great attributes of our slings add up to a safer and more successful hunt. 

— The Wilderness

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