Double-Point Sling

Double-Point Sling
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Price: $34.95
Product ID : WDPS
Manufacturer: The Wilderness
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The Wilderness Double-Point Sling is a multipurpose tactical and hunting sling that is simple to operate, keeps your weapon in a ready position for instant use, and allows conventional over-the-shoulder or on-the-back carry. It is a two-point style, meaning it attaches to the weapon at two points. It allows transitioning from one shoulder to the other for shooting around obstacles. The sling is ambidextrous and may be installed for right- or left-handed shooters, and does not impede access to the weapon’s controls. It features an emergency-release buckle at the front which is easily triggered with gloved hands. Made of the finest and most rugged materials in the industry, our Double-Point Sling is built to last a lifetime like all our slings.

The Double-Point Sling is offered with a variety of adapters to mount to numerous different weapons. The design allows the front mounting at the forward or rear shooter's side of the forend, while the rear may be mounted at the rear of the buttstock or at the back of the receiver. The classic attachment points at the rear on the shooter’s side of the buttstock, and at the front of the handguards or front sight post on the shooter’s side of the weapon. However, other positions may be used, such as the rear attachment using a Single-Point-type receiver end plate, or the front utilizing the push-button swivel socket found at the back end of many handguard rail systems. The sling is 1¼”-wide with tri-glide buckle attachments at both ends. It is compatible with matching width push-button swivels, slots, loops, snaphooks, Magpul Paraclips, etc. In addition, it is compatible with all of our Giles Modular Tactical Sling mounting adapters for a wide variety of weapons and stock configurations.

Rather than have adjusters and dangling straps, we opted for a simpler, robust design that is easily adjusted to your size and intended to hold that setting throughout use. If you add a jacket or remove body armor, you can adjust the sling sizing rapidly off-body and be confident it will not slip out of adjustment. It is very similar to our Giles Tactical Sling (a 3-point style) in operation, but offers cleaner access to the weapon's controls and more freedom of movement like our Single-Point Sling, while still maintaining good weapon stability similar to our 3-point Giles Sling. The Double-Point Sling “set and forget” buckle system may be adjusted to fit easily, yet it will not lose its adjustments even through hard field use. We believe in simplicity with no moving parts to fail or added complexity under combat or hunting stress. When properly adjusted, the butt of the rifle should sit about just below the right shoulder at about mid-chest level. The butt of the weapon should rest naturally in the shoulder pocket when the weapon is brought up on target. When released, the rifle hangs vertically against the user's chest with the muzzle aimed straight, or slightly angled to, the ground. This allows you to use your hands without losing control of your primary weapon or access to it, and makes operations such as transitioning to a secondary weapon, opening doors, or checking a map significantly easier. 

Shooting Positions
When adjusted with the correct amount of slack, the DoublePoint Sling should still allow you to assume numerous asymmetric shooting positions including standing, kneeling, sitting, squatting, and a variety of prone positions without any readjustment of the sling length.

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