Safepacker Holster, various colors and options

Safepacker Holster, various colors and options
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Price: $99.95
Manufacturer: The Wilderness
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Reviewed by Ltmahoney
09/24/2015 - 11:33:36 PM
discreet carry
The safepacker goes with the wife and I everywhere we go. We carry a full size XDM .40 with an extra mag, knife and streamlight scorpion along with eight extra rounds in a ziploc bag. All that and we still have room for more. We've had it for about six or seven years now, and just had to send it in to get the Velcro on the holster section replaced. I'd say that's pretty damned good for a piece of equipment that gets used daily. Frankly I wouldn't carry in anything else.
Reviewed by PackUser
07/22/2015 - 02:08:07 PM
SafePacker Review
I own two SafePacker's. I've owned them so long that I can only remember that one is the Officer's model. :)

I think they are indispensable,and I truly would not know what I would do now without having the option of using them. They fit whatever I want to put into them, like the Officer's model fits my Sig P226 TACOPS with an extra mag.
I also carry a Hoppe's silicone cloth in the Packer all the time to keep whatever I'm carrying in it sparkling. There's even room for a folding knife and a small optician's screwdriver kit just in case. Your imagination is almost the limit to what will fit, beside's the firearm you want to carry in it.

Reviewed by gettinggrey
gettinggrey bought "Safepacker Holster, various colors and options" on our website
01/23/2014 - 08:42:16 AM
SafePacker Officer's Review
In my opinion the SafePacker offers the absolute best in concealed carry options. My Officer's model perfectly fits my Walther PPS with an extra mag to boot. I use it lots when going to the gym, carrying inside, not for use inside the gym, but to use outside in the parking lot where many incidents occur. One needs to be ready because things happen so fast!!!

Guys, don't think of the SafePacker as a 'girly-man' bag, it isn't. You can fix that stereotype anyway by getting yourself a manly carabiner to connect to the SafePacker. Take the little silver carabiner off and toss it, replace with the big black one, and the girly look will be gone. Another thing is that no one will pick your pocket with the SafePacker because your wallet is not in your pocket, all your valuables are in the SafePacker. Oh, and did I forget, I attach it to my seatbelt when driving. It's right where I need it, if I need it.
Reviewed by KA4PXK
08/16/2013 - 08:03:34 PM
Best Concealment holster there is
I have carried one for a few years I added to the carrabiner a second one that will hook to my suspenders or belt loop to hold the packer in place and adjusted the strap to my arm length, I can draw and cock my GI 45 quicker than a traditional holster from it if the need arises. It has worn well and looks new still after over 3 years.