Magazine, Speedloader and Ammo Carriers


Our mag pouches (other than the HIC) use friction to maintain a snug fit on magazines. Their thin, dense foam liner takes a few days to mold to your mags and may seem really tight on the insertion at first. We advise leaving the mags in at night. When inserting mags into the pouches, roll the mag in front to back, using the index finger along the magazine's spine and the round noses of the bullets to open the pouch mouth a bit as you push the mag in.

Once broken in, magazines are easily inserted, held snugly, and release like smooth, greased lightning on the withdrawal because of the nylon skin of the pouch. Our pouches do not bind like Kydex, which often forces you to pull perfectly straight up to get the mag out. They are also more consistent than many leather mag pouches whose tension seems to vary a lot.

Our pouches fit up to 1-3/4" belt widths. Most are available as vertical, or left-facing or right-facing horizontal (shown at left).

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