Heavy-Duty Shell Belt, multiple calibers

Heavy-Duty Shell Belt, multiple calibers
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Price: $49.95
Manufacturer: The Wilderness
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Now available in .38/.357/.308

Shell belts let you use almost their entire length for ammunition storage, and present fresh ammo constantly just by rotating the belt body around your waist while loading. Our Wilderness Heavy-Duty Shell Belt is built for years of service in the field, on duty, or hanging loaded for home defense in the closet.

A Pattern of Collaboration

Defensive shotgun instructors Rob Haught and his son Matt Haught (the 00 Haught’s) of SYMTAC Consulting, LLC are our friends, and we are class alumni. We take their advice seriously when it comes to "The Gospel of the Gauge", so when they came in looking for a shell belt that could meet their demanding standards but didn’t exist yet, of course we built it! Combining decades of instructing and duty shotgun use with nearly 40 years of Wilderness design and manufacturing experience, the resulting Heavy-Duty Shell Belt is the best of its breed.

The heavy-duty shell belt they inspired features 25 loops in 12 and 20-gauge, or the option of 25 or 50 loops in .410/.44/.45./.38/.357/.308 the HD Shell Belt is made using our custom XHD (Extra Heavy-Duty) elastic nylon webbing. *Note that the 50-loop .410/.44/.45./.38/.357/.308 version will only adjust down to a 33" waist size.

While all elastic has a functional lifespan, our XHD elastic has proven to hold its shape and retain items over years of constant use and temperature extremes that kill typical elastic webbing. Our Heavy-Duty Shell Belt isn't just super rugged, it forms loops that are more rigid than the typical soft elastic loops that collapse when shells are removed. These shape-holding loops make inserting shotshells much quicker and easier when loading up during a fast-paced class, bird hunting, or action match.

TIP: Guiding the shell into the loop at an angle, indexing on the shell's round edge, then rolling it in and pressing straight down to seat it makes insertion easy even when you can't see the loop and are going by feel.

Depending on your sizing, any free areas on either side of the buckle will accept the variety of our belt pouches, including our Smartphone Case and our vertical or horizontal TwinLoader 2-round shotshell carriers.

The shell loops are 1.5" elastic webbing sewn to a dense 2" nylon belt body. It features a body-contoured, side-release buckle for rapid deployment or removal. The buckle is easily adjustable on both sides, offering a huge fitting range of 31" - 53". The end tabs are concealed and secured by hook-and-loop fastener that runs around the entire inside face of the belt.

TIP: While we generally prefer to adjust both sides symmetrically, you can take up all the slack on one side to bring those loops right up to the buckle, and create more empty space on the other side of the buckle for pouches or other gear.

Calibers: 12-gauge or *20-gauge, *.410/.44/.45, or *.38/.357/.308 (*special order; 2-3 week delivery).
Loops: 25x or 50x
Color: Black

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Reviewed by Neller393@aol.com
Neller393@aol.com bought "Heavy-Duty Shell Belt, multiple calibers" on our website
06/27/2020 - 05:24:22 AM
Heavy-Duty Shell Belt
For years of hunting birds, mostly quail and dove, I have used many different means of carrying ammo including ammo belts and bandoliers. Never had a belt that would hold up so settled on the bandoliers, which can be cumbersome and getting in the way when swinging on a bird. I ordered the Wilderness Heavy-Duty Shell Belt and received it a cpuple of weels ago.

This belt is everything a person could want! It is easy to adjust, multiple ways. This is a gauge specific belt and the shells fit very snug but it is easy to load and extract rounds and when they say Heavy-duty the mean it. Very well built, and I wish I had found this years ago, highly recommend it, you will not regret this purchase!!

Walt Neller