CCW Dining Guide Submission Form

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-- The Wilderness

Arizona CCW permit holders can now enjoy the same responsible freedom as people in 40 other states when they go out to eat with friends and family. Arizona law changed on September 30, 2009 allowing permit holders to carry concealed in establishments that serve alcohol as long as they don't drink and there is no restriction posted. The Wilderness, in cooperation with the Arizona State Rifle and Pistol Association and CCW Friendly Places, is collecting information on which Arizona restaurants and bars have chosen to respect or restrict lawful CCW permit holders. We believe those businesses who support us should receive our support in return.

With a whopping 161,336 CCW license holders currently in Arizona (5/10/11), we and our families can send a strong financial message of support to the many restaurants and bars that respect us and understand we pose no risk. Those who choose to dismiss the most basic human right of self defense, insult us as dangerous, and create unarmed victim zones do not deserve to profit from us.

Find our AZ CCW Eateries Guide by clicking here.

Please fill out the form below and help us all cast a vote with our dollars. Your information will be checked for accuracy, posted on our guide, and passed along to the ASRPA for their CCW Café page. Your personal information WILL NOT be sold or given away for marketing purposes.

PLEASE CONFIRM YOUR INFO WITH THE RESTAURANT/BAR MANAGEMENT! We have discovered some submissions were incorrect because the location's posting was either not easily visible or had just not gone up yet, although the decision had been made to post. We appreciate your help.