Wiley-X Eyewear

Polarized lenses are available for most Wiley-X eyewear, with the exception of the CQC Goggle. They are available as a special order. Replacement or additional lens sets are also available upon special order. Please call for more information.

Wiley-X eyewear has been standard-issue for numerous U.S. military and Federal law enforcement agencies, including:

10th Mountain Division • Air Force Special Operations Squadrons • Marine Corps MEU • Army Special Forces Groups • 3rd ACR • Navy SEALs • F.B.I. • D.E.A. • Army Rangers • 101st ABN Division • 82nd ABN Division • 160th SOAR

(Above right) Our friend Sgt. Wyatt at the House of Abram in Iraq, protecting his eyes and looking stylish with Wiley-X SG-1 protective sunglasses.