Wilderness Ankle Pack

Wilderness Ankle Pack
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Price: $32.95
Manufacturer: The Wilderness
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The Wilderness Ankle Pack is great for concealing your valuables, passport, credit cards, large bills and anything you would prefer keeping out of the hands of pickpockets. We don't recommend overstuffing it with the kitchen sink, but it does fit Kel-Tec's outstanding P-32 very nicely. When we travel to questionable areas, we sleep with our Ankle Packs in place. Attaches as shown (foot not included). We recommend you pull your sock up over the lower half of the Pack to help pull it in to your leg and keep concealed if your pants ride up a bit. Loose, casual pants suggested.

A secret pocket on the reverse side of the pocket (shown left) adds another level of security for small items like i.d., credit cards or concealed weapons permits.

Here is a great recommendation from a customer perfectly illustrating the Ankle Pack's utility:

"I got pickpocketed in China! I was crowding into the throne room at the Forbidden City trying to get a photo...Here's the rub: I had my passport with me...in the Ankle Pack (plus half my cash on hand in there as well)...I like to have my passport with me in case I have to bail and go to the U.S. Embassy. The ID in my wallet was a photocopy of my passport. If I hadn't had my Wilderness Ankle Pack with me...things would have gotten majorly complicated. ...Nice to have the ankle wallet with me when I travel so I have some spare cash in case my wallet gets stolen." -- Jeff More

Glad we could help, Jeff, and thanks for the story. The Ankle Pack was designed to turn unwanted adventures into happy endings for savvy travelers.

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Reviewed by GLOBAREVO
GLOBAREVO bought "Wilderness Ankle Pack" on our website
11/26/2016 - 03:57:47 PM
great product. remains at your ankle, whatever happens