Smartphone Case, various options

Smartphone Case, various options
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Price: $39.95
Manufacturer: The Wilderness
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Our president, Ralph Holzhaus, had been using an iPhone for a while, but was less impressed with the belt cases available. With a little extra inspiration from longtime customer Tim C., he decided that the revolutionary smartphones deserved a better case that would offer ruggedness, security and convenience. The resulting †Wilderness Smartphone Case is everything you would expect from us. †

Made from rugged 1000D Cordura nylon, it has our signature wraparound belt loop that is wide enough to fit duty belts. This belt loop adds a high-density polyethylene liner for stiffness and an extra Velcro patch so that it can be folded back upon itself and used as a paddle inside snug pants without a belt. Several of our staff have been using it this way and are very pleased.

The case body is lined with a thin layer of closed-cell foam to cushion shock and allow the case to snugly form fit your specific phone over time. Fits common smartphones, including iPhones, Blackberrys, Droids (Droid X with no cover is the maximum size it will accept) and PDAs, many low-profile protective cases*. Full-flap with Velcro closure protects and retains the phone.

*While the case provides great protection, we also like to keep our phones in the case with the screen facing inward to the body. This adds more protection to the fragile screen in the event of a serious impact with a sharp or blunt object.

    Sizing Guide

    We now simply list the basic flat internal dimensions †due to variances in the thickness and volume of the multitude of phones and add-on cases. Please consider that your phone's thickness will reduce the length and width accordingly. As a rough guide, if your phone is 1/2" thick, subtract at least 1/2" from the width and depth dimensions listed for the cases to compensate and achieve a proper fit. A phone that is 3" wide and 1/2" thick will require a case whose internal flat dimension is at least 3-1/2" wide. We try to give common examples of phone compatibility for each size as a guide, but we are unable to answer specific fitting questions in most cases.

    Small (formerly Mini) - Fits iPhone 3 or 4, iPod Touch (any generation) †with no case (*JUST BARELY FITS Magpul Executive Field Case for iPhone 4; we advise the Standard size), many smaller phones.

    • Interior †flat †dimensions: Wide 3-1/8" x Deep 4-3/4" - 5" (*variable due to Velcro flap adjustment)

    Medium (formerly Standard) - Fits iPhone 3 or 4, iPod Touch (any generation) with no case or with low-profile cover including the Magpul Executive Field Case

    • Interior †flat †dimensions: Wide 3-1/2" x Deep 5-3/8" - 5-5/8" †(*variable due to Velcro flap adjustment)

    Large (formerly Plus) - Fits Motorola Droid X, Droid Razr Maxx, Blackberry or similar with no case. †iPhone 5/5S/5C/SE plain or with the thin, low-profile Otterbox Commuter case.

    • Interior †flat †dimensions: Wide 3-3/4" x Deep 5-1/2" - 5-3/4" †(*variable due to Velcro flap adjustment)

    XL (Still just XL) - Fits iPhone 6/7/8/X/XR/XS with no case, iPhone 4/5/5S/5C/SE †with OtterBox Defender case (slightly difficult to remove due to the soft, tacky silicone of this case), iPhone 4 or 5-series with Lifeproof cases, Droid X, Samsung Galaxy S9, Blackberry and similar with low-profile cases.
    • Interior †flat †dimensions: Wide 4" x Deep 5-7/8" - 6-1/8" †(*variable due to Velcro flap adjustment)

    2XL - Fits iPhone 6 Plus/7 Plus/8 Plus/XS Max with no case, 5/5S/SE/6 with OtterBox Defender case (easier to remove than from the XL size), Droid X, Blackberry with thicker cases, Galaxy S5 and Note 7/8/S8+/ 9/S9+.

    • Interior flat dimensions: Wide 4.5" x Deep 6-7/8" - 7-1/8" (*variable due to Velcro flap adjustment)

    3XL - Slightly wider than the 2XL to fit more large phones with protective cases, including the Samsung Galaxy S9 with OtterBox Defender case (6.3" x 3.2" x 0.6") and S9+ with OtterBox Defender case (6.7" x 3.4" x 0.6"), and the iPhone Xs Max with OtterBox Defender case (6.7" x 3.6" x 0.6"). More iPhone and Samsung case compatibility TBA. Will also hold a pair of packaged Pop-Tarts® in their Mylar wrapper.

    • Exterior dimensions: 7" x 5"; interior height dimensions are variable due to Velcro flap adjustment.

    Product Reviews

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    Reviewed by ChristelRose
    08/15/2019 - 11:33:17 PM
    Nice multi wear case
    I really like the versatility and size of these cases. They are offered in more than just the standard black and military colors. It isn't always esy to find tactical items that can be versatile enough to wear with civilian clothing. The sizes work well for the larger phones. The 2x fits my personal phone an LG V40 with a protective case with room to spare. My work phablet , a galaxy note nine needed a 3x. It isn't as roomy because it has the inside protection of an Otterbox but it will do the trick. I didn't like the way the Otterbox belt clip didn't seem to catch onto my Wilderness belt without some effort to keep it tight. I really don't like Otterbox belt clips and I accidentally broke the clip for my work phone. Since we are required to use our phones for work it would be too easy for them to be snatched off our belts or to drop. With the Wilderness case I won't have that problem. I like that I could also get the case in one of the company colors. Since both cases will be side by side on my belt I will know which one is the work phone without any thinking involved.