Giles Slimline AccuBag

Giles Slimline AccuBag
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Price: $29.95
Manufacturer: The Wilderness
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*Due to this product's weight we can only ship filled bags domestically. We are working on an unfilled-bag option for easier shipping.

Our Giles AccuBag rifle rests have been very popular with snipers and precision riflemen because they remove so much of the accuracy-robbing effect of breathing, grip and heartbeat. However, even the smallest at 4" x 4" is slightly bulky to carry in the field or attach to the weapon. Our new 2.75" diameter x 4" long deployment-sized Giles Slimline AccuBag is the perfect answer for field operations. The smaller size and bantam 10.5 oz. weight is much easier to carry. The built-in webbing loop allows it to be attached with a *carabiner to gear or to the weapon's sling.

Testing has shown that the Slimline AccuBag will still easily support the butt of a heavy rifle on its own like the larger versions. This also allows you to incline the muzzle forward during bore cleaning, keeping solvents out of the action.

The integrated grip strap locks it into your support-side hand while in a shooting position, allowing you to make precise vertical adjustments in aim with a simple squeezing or relaxing of your hand. The grip strap also allows it to be placed over closed bipod legs for carry or use as a front rest on car hoods or window sills. The mini version still retains all the accuracy-enhancing benefits of its big brothers, and more:

  • A deep Velcro "flapper valve" allows the user to adjust the type or quantity of fill to suit their own taste, just like the full-size Accubags. When correctly sealed, the valve will not open even under rough ha
  • Same tough Cordura nylon construction as the full-size bags.
  • Poly bead fill will not absorb water or rot.
  • New tab on grip strap allows attachment of a carabiner or Grimloc, which can be used to clip the bag to gear or directly to the rifle's sling to become and integral part of the weapon system (like the bipod).

Conceived by world-class instructor Giles Stock, our versatile line of Giles AccuBags are the perfect portable rifle rests, or pistol supports, to take to the range, field or area of operations.

*Carabiner shown for reference; not included, but available separately.

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