Revision Eyewear

Revision designs, develops and delivers advanced protective eyewear, at an affordable price, to meet military, law enforcement, shooting and sportsman's needs worldwide. Revision's emphasis is on maximum eye protection for high-threat and hostile environments. Revision ballistic eyewear provides extreme functionality, comfort, and convenience. Revision's Sawfly glasses and Desert Locust goggles are official issue to the U.S. Army, as well as Canadian Department of National Defence, U.K. Ministry of Defence, Belgian Ministry of Defence and Singapore Special Forces.

Click this link to watch the Revision Sawfly survive close-range hits from a 12 guage shotgun ( video). Whether driving "Route Irish" to the Baghdad airport or shooting a steel match at the range on the weekend, protect your vision with Revision eye armor.

The test lenses (right) were shot at 16 feet.

Firearm: Remington Mod. 1187 Semi-automatic .12 guage, 28 inch barrel, full choke
Ammunition: Federal heavy load .12 gauge, 1-ounce #6 lead shot
Velocity: 1300 fps @ 30 fps at 32.8 feet, chronographed
Result: 37 strikes, no penetrations