Shotgun Bundle #2 - ZipLoader12, Slimline Dump Pouch, 12-ga. Stretchable

Shotgun Bundle #2 - ZipLoader12, Slimline Dump Pouch, 12-ga. Stretchable
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Sale Price: $75.00
Compared at: $86.85
You Save: $11.85
Manufacturer: The Wilderness
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Save $11.85 off the regular total price when you buy these great products together. The Wilderness Shotgun Bundle Deal #2 includes:
  • ZipLoader12 6-round belt carrier (12-gauge)
  • Slimline Dump Pouch
  • Wilderness Stretchable Shotgun Thing (12-gauge)

Our Wilderness ZipLoader12 is a belt-mounted 12-gauge shotshell carrier that uses our signature wraparound quick-detach belt loops. It can be quickly put on or removed without needing to remove the belt. A hybrid of both our Zip Slide Holster and our stretchable ammunition and battery carriers, the ZipLoader uses our super-tough XHD (Extra-Heavy-Duty) elastic webbing. It carries 6 shotshells ready for action. The wraparound belt loops are solidly secured by hook and loop fasteners on the side as well as hook-and-loop security tabs that wrap slightly over top. This ensures rock solid support even when inserting or removing shells.

When continually "fed" from our Slimline Dump Pouch filled with shells, the ZL is an effective, high-volume shell carrier system for both tactical shotgun classes and hunting in the field. While the dump pouch itself may be loaded from, the carrier ensures immediate and correct orientation of the shotshells in the hand without looking.

We like to keep the center four loops filled with low-recoil buckshot, while keeping the two end loops filled with slugs because they are easiest positions to identify under stress or by feel in the dark.

The Wilderness Slimline Dump Pouch is our answer to storing empty or partially loaded rifle or pistol magazines. The Slimline is smaller in width and volume than larger military dump pouches making it easier to fit on a belt with lots of other gear, yet it holds four to six AR-15/M16 magazines, numerous pistol mags or 50 rounds of shotgun shells. It also makes a handy "brass bag" after shooting matches. Quick-detachable using our signature wraparound belt loop, it includes a Velcro closure strap that secures out of the way inside the pouch during use, acts as a closure to hold contents in the pouch when full, and allows the pouch to be rolled up for more compact carry until needed.

Shotguns are great home defense weapons and all-around sporting arms, but their low magazine capacity makes keeping ammunition handy a necessity. We developed the Wilderness Stretchable Shotgun Thing (patent pending) to make accessing extra shotshells easier.

Made from tough but incredibly lightweight but strong 1.5" XHD (Extra Heavy Duty) elastic webbing, it carries 5x 12-gauge shotshells (*Note that our photo depicts an older 4-shot version) and has a loop at one end to fit small or large carabiners (*small mini-biner included, large available separately -- mini-biner NOT for climbing). This handy option allows it to be easily and conveniently clipped anywhere from the inside of your backpack, belt loops, on tactical pants' D-rings, or seatback bungies in your car. Options are only limited by your imagination.

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