AR-15/M16 G.O. Pack Sling Adapter

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Price: $19.95
Manufacturer: The Wilderness
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For A2 fixed-stock only, 20-rd. mags ONLY; REQUIRES G.O. PACK MAGAZINE POUCH available separately. Will not work with other brands of slings or as a standalone product. Compatible with both .223/5.56mm and .308/7.62mm AR weapons. Specify caliber.

Click here for the correct AR-15A2/M16A2 sling to go with the G.O. Pack.

The G.O. Pack was designed by our friend the late gunsmith George Olmsted and Wilderness president Ralph Holzhaus. It was originally meant to keep a 20-rd. magazine with an unloaded fixed-stock AR-15/M16 series rifle during storage or transport. However, the G.O. Pack turned out to provide a remarkably fast, efficient reload during tactical operations. Meant to be used on our Giles Sling mated to an AUG/AR pouch in either .223 or .308 caliber. Kit includes mag pouch and adapter.

Any Wilderness vertical mag pouch will work on the G.O. Pack system. However, the horizontal mag pouch must be a special G.O. Pack unit with a 2" strap instead of the usual 3" strap. If you already have a vertical pouch and just want the adapter, please call. The G.O. Pack kit is only intended to interface with a Giles Tactical Sling for ARs with fixed A2 stocks; it will not fit as a standalone product or interface with other brands of slings.

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