Ching Sling

We are the only manufacturer licensed by the late Eric Ching, and later his estate, to produce a nylon version of his acclaimed Ching Sling. Designed by Eric in the testing cauldron of Gunsite, the Ching Sling is not only the traditional scout rifle sling, it's an all-around excellent shooting/carry sling on full-size rifles and carbines.

The Ching Sling specifically aids stability by tensioning the rifle against the support arm. Unlike typical military-style shooting slings, though, the Ching Slingis lightweight nylon, impervious to rot, available in low-profile colors and is fast to get into and out of. While the tactical precision rifle will often be used prone off of a bipod, there are cases where intervening cover or up/down angles force the shooter to use an unsupported position. This is even more likely in hunting situations, especially in open terrain where kneeling, squatting, or sitting may be the only way to get more stable while keeping line-of-sight above grass and rocks. It can still be used as a conventional carry sling, of course. Comes with instructions for proper use.

PLEASE NOTE: Attachment requires three (3) swivel studs on the bottom of the rifle: rear, front, and forward-middle.

Currently available with your choice of GrovTec Locking Swivels (blued finish), GrovTec heavy-duty Mil-Force Swivels, or GrovTec Push-Button Q.D. Sling Swivels.

The Steyr model comes equipped with three of the Millett flush-mount swivels and will fit the Steyr Scout rifle, or any rifle, with Millett flush-mount swivel studs,. It will clear the integral bipod legs on the Steyr. The sling webbing bunches slightly to fit through the undersize swivels required on the Steyr Scout, but function is unaffected. *Currently unavailable: Due to the discontinuation of Millett's flush-mount sling swivels, we are unable to manufacture Ching Slings for the Steyr Scout with the original swivel sockets. It does not appear that any other manufacturer is going to pick up this style for continued manufacture.

Ching Sling w. GrovTec locking swivels


Ching Sling w. Grovtec push-button QD swivels



WARNING: Mishandling of firearms may cause serious injury or death. Before practicing with your product, make sure your weapon is unloaded and pointed in a safe direction. Study how it attaches and how it will move when in use. If the product interferes with the safe operation or handling of the weapon, discontinue use. For further safety considerations, consult the owner's manual of your weapon and seek professional assistance.