Titanium Instructor Belt - OUT OF STOCK

Titanium Instructor Belt - OUT OF STOCK
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Price: $105.95
Product ID : TI
Manufacturer: The Wilderness
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Made in the USA!

"Endorsed by Gunsite...
the belt of choice of Gunsite staff."

Owen "Buz" Mills, President,
Gunsite Academy, Inc.

*We strongly recommend using a measuring tape to check your correct size. Your pants size is not your correct belt size and is usually off by at least 2", and we have found that the markings on other belts are not always accurate. Please read and use our belt sizing guide.


The Original Titanium Instructor Belt continues the tradition of quality started in 1983 with our introduction of the Original Instructor Belt. Cast in the U.S.A. from aerospace-grade Ti6Al-4V alloy, the 1-1/2" Ti buckle is almost 50% lighter than our steel buckle (2-3/8 oz. Ti versus 4-1/8 oz. for the 1-1/2" steel, 4-5/8 oz. for the 1-3/4" steel), ultra corrosion-resistant for maritime applications, non-magnetic, hypoallergenic and naturally antimicrobial. Make no mistake, our proprietary 1-1/2" titanium buckle is as functional as it is good looking.

The attractive silvery-gray natural-finish titanium buckle is more than just a pretty face. The TiBelt buckle loses none of the rescue and emergencey securing utility of the conventional steel buckle. The Instructor Belt series was originally designed to clip into a secure system while "instructing" others in high places during mountain rescue training, although they can be used for emergency rappelling with proper training. The Ti buckle follows that tradition. When lab tested to the point of failure, our proprietary titanium buckle withstood more than 5,000 lbs. of static weight.

Although not intended to replace a rappelling harness or to absorb a fall, the 5-stitch Titanium Instructor Belt provides peace of mind over the alternative -- no protection at all. We strongly recommend it for anyone involved in law enforcement, special warfare, or rescue operations where there is a risk of falling out of a helicopter. It has been standard operating procedure for years within the Phoenix Special Assignments Unit (SWAT) to clip into a Wilderness Original Instructor Belt during airborne or skid-riding ops. It has also been used by many professionals who like the safety of being clipped in when working in cherry pickers (the belt's first "save") or other tall structures.

The Titanium Instructor Belt is available in three colors and comes standard as a 5-stitch, with the polymer-lined C.S.M. as an option.

This belt is not intended to replace a standard rappelling harness with leg straps in normal operations. It is intended as an emergency option to clip into when there is a risk of falling, or for emergency rappelling when no other option is available. It will be very uncomfortable to rappel with, but it may save your life -- which is what we intended. The Instructor Belt must be used in conjunction with a harness or rope seat during any non-emergency situation or rappel training. These are inherently dangerous operations which can result in death or serious injury; proper training in these skills is absolutely required.

Our proprietary polymer treatment on the belt tab actually soaks into the core of our nylon and bonds with it, providing permanent protection from fraying. With proper use, your Original Instructor Belt should give you literally years of faithful service.

If it's not a Wilderness Original Titanium Instructor Belt, it's just a copy. We have never, and will never, produce our belts under any name but our own. We have on rare occasion done signature-line belts for our industry partners, like Gunsite and EOTAC, but always with our label as well as theirs. This way you can be guaranteed you are getting our quality, not a cheap substitute.


The 5-stitch model, our favorite and most popular, is standard on the Titanium Belt. It offers five stitch lines along the length of the belt which significantly stiffen it and enhance load bearing. It's vertical rigidity is similar to a high-quality leather gunbelt, yet it is horizontally and rotationally flexible for comfort. We think this is the best one for most gun-carrying operations, both inside-the-pants and belt holsters. The Combat Shooters Model (C.S.M.) adds a polyethylene insert which adds even more vertical rigidity. This model is slightly thicker than our 3- or 5-stitch models. We recommend it for action shooters and security work where numerous items such as duty holsters will be worn on the belt.

Our new 1-1/2" titanium buckle, which is proprietary to Wilderness Tactical Products, LLC, is made in the U.S.A. Titanium Instructor Belts are available in black, Wilderness Coyote, and Wilderness Olive Drab. We offer the medium stiffness 5-stitch as standard in this model, and a Combat Shooter's Model (C.S.M.) with a more rigid polymer insert.

Remember, if it's not a Wilderness Original Instructor Belt, it's just a copy.

NOTE: 44"-49" add $6.00, 50"-60" add $12.00, 60"+ add $15.00 on all belts (please call for 60"+ orders for advice on belt style); 44" and larger, or 32" and smaller, are custom made and non-returnable.

Correct usage of the Original Instructor Belt and Titanium Instructor Belt 2.8mb

SECURITY POLICY UPDATE: It has come to our attention that new, more aggressive search policies by TSA personnel at some locations are requiring the removal of the belt, even if it is non-metallic/non-magnetic. While we have never guaranteed you wouldn't be asked to remove your belt (that is completely out of our control), our Frequent Flyer and Titanium Instructor Belts have largely passed through without the wearer being required to remove them -- a significant convenience over conventional metal-buckled belts to tens of thousands of our customers for years. They are still the most rugged, well-built, lightweight, micro-adjustable belts you can hold up your pants with, but they may not pass through security checkpoints unmolested as they typically have in the past. There is no excess that government will not go to if not stopped.

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by flhchief
08/15/2016 - 01:58:44 PM
Excellent Product - Worth Waiting
1. I have the 5-stitch - no polymer insert. Outstanding piece of gear. Incredibly well made. Comfortable with Glock 19 and IWB holster. No rolling. No sag.
2. Follow the sizing instructions. I did and the sizing is exact.
3. Sam and the customer service team are outstanding. If you have questions, call. They will advise you and help ensure you get the product you need.
4. Never thought I'd spend this much on a belt. Very happy I did, as the quality and performance exceed my expectations.
Reviewed by gordon@cyberschott.com
gordon@cyberschott.com bought "Titanium Instructor Belt - OUT OF STOCK" on our website
09/19/2015 - 02:29:38 AM
Great belt!
I've been wearing this belt for a couple of weeks now and have fallen in love with it. The titanium buckle looks really nice and it even goes well with khakis and a polo for 'dress-casual' type outfits. In terms of construction the thing is built line a tank. They didn't cut any corners putting it together and it provides a rock-solid anchor point wnen I'm wearing a holster. I've grown especially fond of the Velcro too which lets you fine tune the tightness. This is a big deal when you're wearing an IWB holster.
In summation, it's just a great belt all around and I don't have a single gripe. I'd buy another one in a heartbeat.
Reviewed by lonniemann3
09/11/2013 - 10:15:34 AM
Industrial Designer's Perspective
I am a product designer, and U. S. Army disabled veteran. I own a titanium buckled, 1.5" wilderness belt with the polymer insert. After wearing this belt for around half a year I felt it was time to share my experience with this product. First and foremost, this belt is wonderfully crafted and extremely durable. Before purchasing the belt I was worried about the durability of the velcro closure, but after hundreds of openings and closes the belt and velcro still look and function as new. After reviewing the sizing instructions and taking my measurements I was pleasantly surprised that my belt fit me perfectly -- in short, if you follow the fit directions you shouldn't have any issues -- if you carry measure the belt you carry with. The belt is extremely comfortable and flexible around my waist, yet provides a surprising amount of vertical rigidity that keeps my carry handguns (Sig p229 SAS, Sig p220 Carry SAS, and even a 4" S&W 686) close to my body without issue. This belt allows me to carry heavier loads more securely and comfortably than my double thick, bridal leather, Filson belt! The titanium buckle is light and adds to this belt's comfort and functionality. It is my opinion that this product was well designed, and expertly crafted out of high quality materials, by nice folks right here in the U.S.A. -- it doesn't get much better than this. If I have to buy a new belt at anytime in the next decade it will be a Wilderness Original Instructor Belt.