LowPro EDC Belt

LowPro EDC Belt
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Price: $38.95
Product ID : LPEDC
Manufacturer: The Wilderness
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Black Friday Special:
FREE 5-Stitch stiffness upgrade ($5.00 value) on LowPro EDC or Frequent Flyer Belts + a FREE gift bag Stuff Sack when you add it to your qualifying order for one of these belts and use checkout code: STUFFIT

*Limit one free stuff sack per qualifying belt purchase.

*We strongly recommend using a measuring tape to check your correct size. Your pants size is not your correct belt size, and we have found that the markings on other belts are not always accurate. Please read and use our belt sizing guide.

If your measured belt size is over 50" we strongly encourage you to check out the Easy-Fit line of belts. Their simplified sizing offers extra range of adjustment, which makes correct sizing easier. This is important to the belt doing its job for you, and because the higher size ranges are custom and non-returnable.


NEW: 1.25" slim-width version added!

The Wilderness LowPro EDC Belt was born out of the desire for an extremly flat and narrow buckle, while maintaining the quality and comfort standards of our Original Instructor and Frequent Flyer belts. We combine a high-grade, featherweight Delrin buckle (1.50" or 1.25") with our classic belt body that's manufactured from two layers of custom-made premium webbing.

As the foundation of your everyday carry, the LowPro EDC Belt is particularly well-suited to AIWB holsters and centerline-carry of knives and magazines. However, it still works just as well for strong-side belt or IWB holsters as our classic tactical belts. The stitching reinforcement near the buckle ensures stable mounting of holsters or pouches in that position while still being pliable enough to conform to them and be comfortable.


  • The belt is omnidirectional and may be worn facing either direction that suits the user's needs.
  • Colors: Black, Coyote, and Foliage.
  • Available in our standard variety of body stiffness levels: 
3-Stitch (most flexible)
5-stitch for more stiffness (a great balance and our most popular version)
Polymer-lined Combat Shooters Model/CSM (vertically rigid, best load-bearing)
  • Polymerized end-tab treatment eliminates fraying.
  • The LowPro EDC Belt is a 100% non-metallic, security-friendly belt made with a strong Delrin triglide buckle.
    Proudly made at our production facility in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

BUCKLE USE NOTES: The running end of the belt may be threaded through both loops or a single loop of the triglide buckle. While faster and more low-profile for some users, the single loop fastening method may increase wear to the hook-and-loop closure and be less secure under extreme conditions. We advocate threading through both loops for a very secure closure that holds fast through strenuous or violent physical activity.

When cinching down the belt, hold the buckle or the other end of the belt in place while you pull on the running end with the reinforced, polymerized end tab.

SIZING NOTES: 44-49" add $5.00, 50-60" add $10.00, 60"+ add $15.00 on all belts (please call for 60"+ orders for advice on belt style); 44" and larger, or 32" and smaller, are custom made and non-returnable.

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by douglasmakers
douglasmakers bought "LowPro EDC Belt" on our website
03/06/2020 - 02:18:56 PM
Great EDC belt, sales service lacking.
I recently ordered this belt for EDC, and an Original instructors belt for competition use.
Nowhere on the ordering process does it say there is a back order for Instructor belts. Nor do any of my electronic or paper invoices say anything about a back order.
Today I received my shipment with only the EDC belt.
Again, nothing on the site or invoice says anything about a back order.
I called customer service and was informed it would be an additional 2 week back order (already 8 days to receive this order).
The EDC belt is well made and I think it will last for many years of daily use however, this kind of sales service is inexcusable for a company of such reputedly high regard not to have a simple out of stock and wait time notification.
I cancelled my order of the Instructor belt and bought a competitor product that was immediately in stock and of equal quality.
I tried to like you Wilderness but 3+ weeks for a belt won’t cut it.
Reviewed by dayala
dayala bought "LowPro EDC Belt" on our website
01/15/2020 - 03:37:04 PM
Perfection for Everyday
Love my Original Instructors, but was always searching for something a little more low pro, and while there are some (I've tried several), they are not the quality of Wilderness Tactical Belts. There is even one out there that markets itself as the first AWIB specific, and not a bad belt, but again, not the quality of Wilderness Tactical Belts. The low pro is all the goodness of the original instructors, without the load bearing/rated buckle that I would say is not generally needed for most wearers, but still needs a belt that will carry a firearm, or other items. Very low pro in the front. For those who do carry appendix, you can't beat this belt.

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