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Velcro Lining

Due to popular demand, we now offer hook or loop lining for compatibility with some IWB holsters or duty belts. We charge $15.00 for additional hook (scratchy) OR loop (fuzzy) on our belts, inside or outside. The belts do become custom items with NO returns. Note that we currently only have black Velcro on continuous rolls. Please call us toll-free at 1-800-775-5650 and specify whether you want hook or loop, inside or outside. ONLY full-length coverage available.

What Is Easy-Fit Sizing?

easy-fit-chart-2016.pngWhat could make the world's greatest belts any better? Making it easier to fit them with a larger fitting range for more general sizes. Our Easy-Fit Belts offer simplified sizing for those who do not carry a belt-mounted weapon and don't mind an extra length of belt tongue on their dominant side. Some competing belts achieve a wider, more generic sizing range just by adding more Velcro to the belt body. However, this makes you pull Velcro through the buckle at the smaller size. We didn't like that and engineered ours to avoid it.

Available in Medium, Large, XL, XXL, 3X-15X, the Easy-Fit Belts still have all of the quality features of the standard versions, such as double-layer construction and heavy-duty sewing. The Easy-Fit system also makes sizing for gifts much easier.

Here are examples of our Easy-Fit compared to the standard, fitted Instructor Belt:

Standard Belt properly fitted

• 38" size: 36" - 39.5" range of adjustment

• 11" of tongue (at the min. length) / 9" of tongue (when properly fitted)

• 3.5" of adjustment range


• Large: 36" - 41" range of adjustment

• 13" of tongue (at min. length) / 10" of tongue (at the median when properly fitted)

• 5" of adjustment range

Why don't we size all of our belts that way? Good question with a good answer: All of our regular belts are designed to be compatible with holsters and accessories with proper fitting. When the belts are precisely sized for a given waist measurement, the tongue of the belt goes to the center of the 10" loop Velcro on the belt, leaving room on the belt for holsters or other gear. The Easy-Fit model has a longer tongue and more Velcro, so it may overlap the belt to the extent that it limits things that can be put on that side of the belt where the tongue overlaps. While the Easy-Fit is just as capable of load carrying, it does not offer as much dominant-side area as the precise-sized belts, which are our personal preference when practical. This may or may not be a problem for you depending on your holster or personal preference, but we want our customers to know the potential penalty when making their choice.


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SECURITY POLICY UPDATE: It has come to our attention that new, more aggressive search policies by TSA personnel at some locations are requiring the removal of any belt, even if it is non-metallic/non-magnetic. While we have never  guaranteed you wouldn’t be asked to remove your belt (that is completely out of our control), our Frequent Flyer and Titanium Instructor Belts have largely passed through without the wearer being required to remove them – a significant convenience over conventional metal-buckled belts to tens of thousands of our customers for years. They are still the most rugged, well-built, lightweight, micro-adjustable belts you can hold up your pants with, but they may not pass through security checkpoints unmolested as they typically have in the past. There is no excess that government will not go to if not stopped.

Easy-Fit Original Instructor Belt


Heavy-Duty Shell Belt, multiple calibers


Original Instructor Belt

Product ID: OIB

Easy-Fit LowPro EDC Belt

Product ID: LPEDC-EF

LowPro EDC Belt

Product ID: LPEDC

Easy-Fit Frequent Flyer Belt

Product ID: FF EZFIT

Frequent Flyer Belt

Product ID: FFBELT

Frequent Flyer Belt - MultiCam Edition


The Wilderness Money Belt

Product ID: WMB

Easy-Fit Underbelt