Ankle Cargo Cuff/Ankle IFAK

Ankle Cargo Cuff/Ankle IFAK
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Price: $40.00
Product ID : WILDACC
Manufacturer: The Wilderness
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While the availability of contemporary Every Day Carry (EDC) gear expands, the options to organize and even compartmentalize have not. The Ankle IFAK/Cargo Cuff is based on the wraparound band of our Renegade Ankle Holster and designed in collaboration with US Palm. It expands your on-body gear-carrying capacity to a new level. During travel abroad, relocating high-value items from the places they’re normally expected, pickpockets, thieves, and other extortionists are thwarted. If the occasion requires formal dress, jingling pockets full of gear is a no-go, but rapid access is still necessary. In today’s more security-conscious climate, while cursory searches and inspections regularly restrict access while possessing EDC gear, ankles are an often overlooked area of a search. It is also a great platform to use as an ankle IFAK for compact trauma medical items.

Made of our XHD elastic webbing, the Ankle IFAK/Cargo Cuff has 5 main storage cells and a 6th compact slip-pocket. Avaiable in 4" or 5" band height (5" shown). Designed with a wide range of adjustment, one size will comfortably fit nearly everyone. An additional field of loop material is stitched to the interior surface to create comfortable friction to keep the cuff in position. An optional pair of high-security retention straps with Velcro closures are available as an option.

  • Features: 5 Primary cells, 1 Compact slip-pocket
    • (2) 2.5″ x 4.5″/3.5"
    • (3) 4″ x 4.5″/3.5"
    • (1) 2″ x 3″
  • Dimensions: 19″ x 4.75″/3.75" x .25″
  • Weight: 5 ounces
  • Material: Extra Heavy-Duty Elastic Webbing
  • Optional nylon retention straps (2x) with Velcro
  • Colors: Black, Coyote Brown
  • Made in the USA by The Wilderness, design collaboration with US Palm
Ankle IFAK Use

The Ankle IFAK/Cargo Cuff will fit a complete variety of trauma supplies, including:

• Tourniquet (compatible with CAT, SOFTT-W, and similar). We strongly recommend products approved by the CoTCCC (Committee on Tactical Combat Casualty Care)
• Compressed gauze, preferably hemostatic and compact (CELOX RAPID Ribbon, QuickClot Combat Gauze, etc.)
• 4″ pressure dressing/bandage (Israeli, Olaes, H&H, etc. will fit, but compact versions like the H&H H&H Mini Compression Bandage are recommended)
• Compact chest seal (HyFin Vent Compact, Fox, H&H Compact Wound Seal, etc.; may require folding, which is safe with current seals)
• Flat-packed or small roll of medical or duct tape (H&H Flat Fold Duct Tape)
• 1 pair nitrile gloves (recommend NAR Bear Claw gloves in large; very tough and buying oversize makes them less likely to tear under stress)
• Small or folding medical shears like Leatherman Raptor Shears, or strap/clothing cutter like the Benchmade #7, #8 Hook, or SOCP Rescue Tool.

Our Ankle IFAK comes empty because what you choose to carry in it should be based on your own circumstances, needs, experiences, and training. We recommend The Tactical Medic for supplies.

One of the most commonly overlooked categories of Every Day Carry (EDC) gear is emergency medical supplies. You carry a handgun, reload, knife, light, multitool, and various other items, few of which will do much to keep all ten pints of blood right where it needs to stay. The inconvenience usually stems from the size and bulk of proper medical gear. Enter the Ankle IFAK. Built on our Ankle Cargo Cuff, we designed the Ankle IFAK to carry a tourniquet (TK-4L, flat-folded SOFTT-W, CAT, SWAT-T), clotting agent, trauma bandage, nitrile gloves, chest sealing medic tape, and more, all in a comfortable HD elastic webbing ankle cuff. With 6 storage cells stitched into the cuff, you can increase your level of emergency self-reliance without awkwardly stuffing your pockets full.

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by Robertbattles94
04/02/2020 - 05:07:35 PM
I have been wearing this rig for about a month everyday as my medical kit to have on body and it works excellent even without the retention straps. I wear it while I drive my truck and am unloading and it works well and keeps everything in nice and tightly.
Reviewed by juiceman
juiceman bought "Ankle Cargo Cuff/Ankle IFAK" on our website
03/17/2019 - 07:58:44 PM
Liked it so much I bought two
I thought having an IFAK on my ankle was going to be uncomfortable, or at least take some getting used to, but to my surprise is was quite comfortable, enough so that I wear mine every day.
The Wilderness Tactical Ankle IFAK has more pockets that most in the market and are nice and thin to not add bulk and print. Of course skinny jeans probably won’t work but boot cut jeans or 5.11 Tactical pants work fine.

Here’s what’s in mine:
1 - C.A.T Tourniquet
2 - NAR Hyfin Vented Chest Seals
1- Quik Clot Combat Gauze
1 - H&H Mini Compression Bandage
1- H&H Flat Compressed Gauze
2 - Sets Medical Gloves
1 - Mini CPR mask

After finding out how comfortable it was to wear I decided to buy another and set it up the same, because Hey, why not, I have two legs, and more supplies the better, especially in an active shooter situation where there is multiple casualties. Also, there are times were another TQ is needed to stop bleeding at the same wound.
I wear both IFAK’s every time I leave the house, and even at the house if I’m working in the back acre.

I would of gave it 5 stars if only they would have made small straps to prevent items like the CAT TQ from walking out of the pocket. As it is I use pony tail type hair bands to keep everyone in place. It works but it may cost me time should the hair band get tangled up in the TQ. Even better then adding straps would be to make the pockets longer so the CAT TQ would have enough elastic band to hold it, and it would allow more space to double stack in the other pockets like I do with my small package of Combat Gauze and gloves on the current model.

I would recommend going with the non-modular ankle IFAK as is be afraid that the modular one would add bulk that this one does not. In fact it’s what sets this one apart from most of the competition. if they would only make a tall pouch to fit the CAT TQ for pocket or belt carry. The ones they have work fine for the SOF-T TQ’s but are too short for the CAT TQ’s. (Hint, Hint)
Reviewed by 300rum
10/24/2017 - 07:12:22 PM
Incredible Value!
This cuff is huge and tough as nails. I also have the rescue essentials Ankle medical kit and while good it doesn't compare.
In this cuff I daily carry a Vented Hyfin,Mini H&H,4" Israeli bandage, Combat gauze, C.A.T., Nasopharngeal airway, Med shears, Survival rescue blanket and 2 pairs of gloves. It's full but still has a little room.
There isn't a better made Ankle Cuff made for any amount of money than this!