Spotlight: 10/22 Accessories

Bring Back Marksmanship: Shoot Less!

"The ammo crunch has hit all of us, and many lament the loss of cheap, plentiful .22LR ammunition most of all. Yet perhaps losing the ability to hose with our 10/22 rifles has not really been such a loss. They say everything you do is training, and spraying volumes of .22LR into the dirt has hardly taught us to be a nation of riflemen. Noise and dust has often replaced marksmanship, so we say let’s turn this trend around and see the opportunity this situation holds. Let’s make the most of every precious round of the humble little .22LR. We were once a nation of rifleman, and we can be again. We might even have fun doing it.

Since 1887 this simple cartridge has helped more Americans learn how to shoot than any other, and Ruger’s ubiquitous 10/22 has been a huge part of that. Its basic 10-round magazine is still the gold standard of reliability and remains our favorite. It holds more than enough for a morning rabbit hunt, but few enough that you pay attention while shooting and don’t waste them. Our dual-use 10/22 Magazine/J-Frame Speedloader Carrier is the perfect way to carry these compact magazines on your belt or on your gun with the addition of our Giles Sling for 10/22 and G.O. Pack adapter for Ruger 10/22 Giles Sling.

Let’s make every round count, because in the words of the late instructor Louis Awerbuck, only hits count." – The Wilderness

Sling Keeper


G.O. Pack adapter for Ruger 10/22 Giles Sling