Are Wilderness products worth it?

Our customers sure think so!

Ankle Holster Nirvana

"First of all, thank you for providing a superior product. I purchased recently your "Leather Renegade Ankle Holster." The attention to details and quality workmanship invested in the production of this holster is no less than precision excellence and the mark of experienced professionals.

I've tried many different type and brands of holsters for concealed carry only to discover how uncomfortable most can be. I have an Ostomy on both sides of my abdomen making any type of IWB or OWB holsters not an option. My thin frame is not suitable for CCW on my hip of backside without discomfort. PDA's and pouches are just an additional sagging weight to carry on a belt, and shoulder harnesses are great but not for hot weather concealment.

I found that ankle holsters work best for me. Therefore, I've worn a couple different brands that have been acceptable for short wearing periods before they begin to pinch and cut-off circulation or slipped out of position. When I first saw your advertisement I was compelled to give the Renegade a go, at first, the price was a leap of faith for me, but I made the purchase anyway.

I've worn the Leather Renegade Ankle Holster everyday all day without a single slip, slide, pinch, circulation issue at all. In fact, sometimes I forget that it's there. This is the most comfortable holster I've ever worn. I don't feel fully dressed until I strap it on. And the cost...pffff! It's worth every dollar spent! I'm a happy Texas camper. Thank you for your quality workmanship and professional customer service for answering all my questions.


Lawrence J."

Years of Faithful Service

"Jason's well-worn Instructor BeltI just received my new Original Instructors Belt and once again, I am still impressed. My last Original Instructor Belt was ordered about 12 years ago, and has been worn everyday since.  My first belt has been on my waist across 3 different continents, toted untold weapons and gear, used to belay, tie me in, and held up my pants without a single thought towards it's reliability. I hated to "retire" it, but sometimes, you just have say goodbye to old friends.

I just cinched down my new belt and I can already say, you guys and gals do some fantastic work. I will continue to highly and emphatically recommend your gear to all my friends, family, and anyone that needs gear that they can bet their life on. I know I've bet mine more times that I can count. Never failed me once.

I wish you still refurbed the carbon steel belts, but hey, theres nothing like that new gear smell.

Thanks for making such a great product and making it in the USA. You guys and gals are awesome.  

Attached is a picture of my old warhorse. Theres not a single hook nor loop left on it, nor any teeth left on the crossbar.  It very well may make a trip out west for some TLC, but for now, that new belt smell is really.......nice. 

Thanks again."

-- Jason I.

On the fence about our Premiere Gun Case?

"Why did I spend over $350.00 on a soft shell case? Why should you? If you're just looking for a case to lay your rifle or shotgun in to protect it from dust, you don't need this case. If you're looking for a cheap military lookalike firearms case, you don't need this one. However, if you're looking for the end all in a soft shell case this is probably the ONLY one you should seriously consider. I have researched long and hard for a soft shell case that will 1) protect my firearm as best as a soft shell case can, 2) hold the firearm securely in place, 3) hold accessories, and 4) have a shape that can fit into a hard shell transit case for travel/ ultimate protection from the elements and impacts. Not only did this case fit those requirements, but the build quality absolutely blew me away. Coming from a guy who owns top quality American made gear, I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw just how much better this was. The engineering and planning that was done with this case is very clear and the people who put this all together with their hands make it all a reality.

I wouldn't think twice to buy it again for another firearm. Stop searching for more and buy one. There is no hype here... it just works.

-- Cedric

Quality with the Widest Sizing Range Available

"I just wanted to thank you for a fantastic product. As a big & tall EMT, it's very hard, almost impossible to find gear that fits and is well-made. I ordered the Original Instructor Belt, it fits great and looks great. Thank you!"

-- Ray J.

Value Isn't Always Cheap

"I received the Safepacker for my Sig P239 today. Having never seen one in person, I went on the chance that just maybe something made of Cordura could be worth $90. That mystery is now solved: 
The Safepacker, in my opinion, is one of the most versatile and functional concealed pistol tools out there. And the quality construction, it too is first class. 
Is it worth $90? You bet it is!!! Now my problem is trying to figure out what pistol gets the next Safepacker."

-- Greg S.

Money Belt Adds Comfort and Security to Road Trip

"The money belt I ordered came last week, 2 days before I was leaving on a long trip. Decided to take a chance and use it on my trip. The fit was perfect, thanks to following your easily understood directions. Thanks to the young lady I talked to when I ordered the belt I knew how to properly store my currency using the waterfall method. The belt was fully loaded internally (money) plus a pistol and holster on the right side and double mag pouch on the left. Three days of constantly driving and I found the belt very comfortable. I could not feel the zippers, nor did the buckle bite into me. I believe the Velcro closure system made for a more comfortable system than the old cinch to the nearest hold of conventional leather belt and buckle system. Thanks for a truly quality product at a fair price."

-- John H.

 Sonoran Shirt Truth: Expensive, But Good!

"Hey, just wanted to tell you I received my shirts today and they are real nice. I thought they were a little expensive, but ordered them anyway. Glad I did. I will be ordering more -- way more than I expected. Thanks, have a good day."

-- Lance H.

Smartphone Case on the Trail

"Thanks for making this great case. I have the XL to hold my iPhone mounted in the Otterbox Defender Case. I always have it on my hikes and it is mounted on my left shoulder strap of my Camelbak for quick access; mainly for pictures - not phone calls. Like all your products: well-designed and built to excel in the real world of adventure. Thanks again."

-- Rob M.

Making Leather Belts and Endangered Species?

"Just received my Original Instructor Belt and I can say with no hesitation I have no more use for any leather belt I own. It's perfect in every way and I only regret not getting one sooner. Worth every penny. Thanks for a high quality product!"

-- Kenny S.

Belt Saves Snowbound Schedule

"Several years ago on a trip to northwest Wisconsin I made the mistake of turning around on a desolate road, one with snow covered shoulders which were not as wide as they seemed. My Toyota Corolla was now stuck, and I was now running late.

Thankfully, within just a few minutes a gentleman with a four-wheel-drive pickup truck stopped to help me out. But as it turned out, neither he nor I had a tow rope, strap, or chain. I then thought of my Wilderness Instructor Belt and told the guy to back up his truck “ball to ball” to my Corolla. He looked at me as if I was kidding but backed his truck up. I then looped my belt from his hitch to mine. Once back in my car I signaled him to go ahead and was immediately out of the ditch. When he got out, he said he thought the belt busted and was stunned that it had worked. I dusted off a little rust that came off the hitch, put my belt back on, and was on my way.

I still wear that belt today and am thankful that it is a great pistol belt and tow strap."

-- Jeff N.

Zip Slide Holster Endures

I am a civilian…with a CCW, and decided after several kydex + belt combos that I needed a better set up if I wanted to be able to carry concealed consistently. A few days ago I was putting on my Instructor belt, lacing in my Zip Slide holster, when it suddenly occurred to me that for what is basically a fabric product, the Zip Slide is remarkably durable. I purchased mine along with an instructor belt in 2005 for my dear little Glock 19. That first instructor belt is in semi-retirement, replaced by a new one.  However, I have stuffed that Glock 19 into the Zip innumerable times in the intervening years and both are still going strong. I initially worried about retention with such a minimalist setup, but in probably over ten thousand hours of carry have never had the gun come out of the holster. Sure, it looks a bit rougher than when it was new, but I can not overstate what an incredible product the Zip Slide is. Thanks for building good stuff.

-- Matthew B.

Overkill Never Fails, and…

"Quality never goes out of style."

-- Mark G.

Time-Tested Quality and Utility
"I've been wearing these belts for around 15+ years now and couldn't be happier."

-- Jay D.

Duty-grade Choice

"I use the Wilderness Instructor Belt for duty and for dress. Great product, just ordered another belt in a different color. A professional can't go wrong with Wilderness Tactical products."

-- Chip S.

For Trips to the Sandbox or to the Mailbox

"I have several Wilderness products: the Safepacker for the wife's Glock 26, the Zip Slide for my Glock 21/Glock 30, a Zip Slide for the Beretta 92FS, and Giles Slings. I used a Giles Sling for my issue M-16A2 both stateside and in the sand and loved the hands free capability it offered. It now resides on my personal Colt AR. Purchased another Giles Sling for the times I carried a GUU-5P, again loved it, and have a third for my Stag Model 2. Purchased a Giles Sling for my father for his HK-91, and we both love the original Instructor Belts…Wilderness means quality gear that stands up to daily use and abuse."

-- Thomas C.

Kit Up and Head Out

"Top notch gear…I don't leave home without at least one piece of their gear in my kit."

-- Vince D.

Higher-Grade Gear

"This is probably one of the best pieces if gear I have. What a difference over the 5.11 in rigidity and comfort!"

-- Nathan S.