Wilderness Single-Point Slings, select Giles Tactical Slings (colored body, black attachment points for ARs), the nylon Ching Sling and our Basic Carry Sling are now available in Black, Coyote Brown and Foliage Green! All are manufactured from our current custom-made premium 1-1/4" webbing. This tough material is extremely dense and abrasion-resistant with great vertical structure compared to most nylon webbing.


We use larger, proprietary 1-1/4" side-release buckles made of Delrin. Many of our buckles are custom-made (and labeled) to our robust specifications. As this picture illustrates, many our current buckles used in high-stress areas are significantly beefier than the industry standard versions used in many slings. Just another improvement showing we are never "done" with a product.


While it makes our production people cringe, our Coyote Brown and Foliage Green sling webbing actually takes removable camouflage spray paint (a.k.a. Bowflage) and military spray paint very well. The exceptional "ridginess" and dense weave soak up the paint and tends to be less reflective even unpainted than soft, shiny webbing. It also retains the paint comparatively well in use. We chose these colors carefully to have outstanding blending characteristics on their own, but some operators prefer to camouflage their equipment extensively depending upon their operational environment. Our Coyote and Foliage Green are a perfect foundation color to build upon.

Camouflaged Ching Sling, originally Coyote Brown, shown with a McMillan/AWC/Yost-Bonitz customized Remington 700BDL with AWC Thundertrap suppressor.

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Modular Sling, Quick-Fit Adapter for 1" slots

The Quick-Fit Sling Adapter adds a buckle assembly to the rear of...

Modular Sling, Quick-Fit Adapter for 1-1/4" slots

The Quick-Fit Sling Adapter adds a buckle assembly to the rear of...

Giles Sling for M1A SOCOM II w. rails

Version specifically for Springfield M1A SOCOM II rifles with Cluster Rail...

Slimline Sling Pad
Basic Carry Sling