Vitalyte (Gookinaid) 20-qt., grape

Vitalyte (Gookinaid) 20-qt., grape
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Price: $16.99
Manufacturer: Vitalyte/Gookinaid



Vitalyte (formerly Gookinaid) is the best sports drink for electrolyte replacement recovery! It replaces fluids and electrolytes faster and more effectively than any sports drink, Pedialyte, electrolyte salts, Gatorade, Powerade, or any other oral fluid and electrolyte replacement solution ... even faster than an IV!

Vitalyte (Gookinaid) Electrolyte Sports Recovery Drink comes in a convenient resealable Kilo Canister that makes 5-gallons (20 quarts) and includes a measuring scoop to let you make one to 80 servings.

Light lemonade or flavorful fruit punch are great for most sports, recreation, and general rehydration. New grape is a flavorful alternative. The zesty orange flavor is recommended for recreational events, post-event rehydration and general fluid and electrolyte maintenance.

Absorption rates are the same for all flavors; only the taste and stomach "feel" are different; the more flavorful drinks are preferred when possible stomach discomfort may not be a factor.

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