Panteao Training Videos

Panteao is Portuguese for Pantheon, which means “a temple or place for the gods” or “a group of persons most highly regarded for contributions to a field or endeavor”. The name is fitting since Panteao Productions produces instructional videos taught by highly regarded instructors from our industry.

Now instead of you going to the instructor, the instructor comes to you! You get to learn in a one-on-one training format. It’s like having them as your own personal trainers, teaching you step-by-step.

These instructors cover a wide range of subject matter including Handguns, Carbines, Shotguns, Long Guns, Self Defense Tactics, Use of Lethal Force, Concealed Carry, Low Light Shooting, Competitive Shooting, Firearms Diagnostics and Armorer’s Training, and even K9 Dog Handling. The name of our instructional video series is “Make Ready”.

Regardless of your experience level, Panteao has training courses for you. Plus, they will be introducing more training, more instructors, and other exclusive content you won’t find anywhere else.

The videos are produced on high quality DVDs in widescreen format. There are bonus features like instructor backgrounds and tips from the instructors. Also included with each DVD is a mini-poster. 

The world’s most experienced firearms professionals, one-on-one from Panteao Productions.

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