Are windowed PMAGs as strong?

Customers have questioned whether or not there is a strength difference between the "standard" and "windowed" PMAGs. We checked with MagPul and can confirm that there is no practical difference between the two. According to MagPul:

Is the MagLevel® (window) version as strong as one without the indicator?
All tests performed have shown the two versions to be equally strong. Click here for a video of the PMAG® Window Version Test

Will the window pop out of the magazine body?
No, the window is molded into the body and locked into place by an internal flange. This configuration locks the two parts in all directions and has proven very effective at holding the window in place.

Both versions of the magazine have passed all the same endurance tests.

“Our staff owns both, but we have a personal preference for the windowed PMAG. Far from being a gimmick, we find the window very useful. It provides an easy confirmation when the magazine is fully loaded (5 cartridges show on each side), provides another method of confirming a loaded chamber, and offers more than a gut feeling for when you should perform a tactical reload. We believe they are worth the modest extra cost.” -- Ralph Holzhaus, Wilderness Tactical Products, LLC, President