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Professionals Choose EOTAC

Every product offered by EOTAC has been meticulously designed and tested by operators for operators. But don't take our word for it. Here's what some of the top tier folks are saying.


"The best comfortably designed clothing that I have come across, for working in all weather conditions year round. The quality and variety of clothing styles, allows for a casual look to an operator's look."

Dennis Chalker 

Command Master Chief USN (Ret.)


"In my job evaluating law enforcement related guns, ammo, knives and other gear, I see quite a few products intended for the LE market. It isn't often that I come across something that really gets my attention, but I recently was introduced to EOTAC, a relatively new manufacturer of high quality tac apparel. Most tac gear looks pretty much the same and manufacturers almost seem to copy each other. Not so with EOTAC.


EOTAC's apparel, whether 'Operator Grade Discreet' for off duty wear or "Operator Grade Tactical" for duty use is made of quality materials. Every aspect of EOTAC's apparel is well thought out. For example, EOTAC's vests are a good inch longer than any others I've seen, for better concealment while having all the features anyone could ask for. For duty or off-duty use, EOTAC apparel is as good as it gets."

Charlie Cutshaw 

Contributing editor, Harris Publications 

Contributing editor, Tactical Response 

Contributing editor, Gun Digest Magazine


"Everyone will tell you their gear is great. But, when the operators themselves tell you your gear is great, you know you've done it right. The operators love EOTAC and they're telling everybody. I wear their clothing and now I'm telling everybody too!"

Ernest R. Emerson 

Emerson Knives, Inc.


"EOTAC's line of outdoor/tactical clothing is top-drawer! Rugged, well-designed, and full-featured, EOTAC's pants, shorts, and jackets serve the serious Operator well. Recommended!"

John S Farnam 

Defensive Training International


"I have been using EOTAC gear since it became available. Without exception, I have found all examples to be well designed, ruggedly constructed and excellent values. It is obvious that design decisions were made with real end user input. For example, trouser pockets are sensibly sized and located for the kinds of gear that we actually expect to carry in them."

Bill Go 

Firearms Instructor


"EOTAC Operator Grade clothing is a perfect match for hard use and everyday utility that must equal the reliability of the firearms we stake our lives on."

Ken Hackathorn 

International Small Arms Instructor and Consultant


"I have taught five classes in the new gear. More impressed than ever. Fit and fabric are great, gusseted crotch on trousers makes positions easier to assume without failure like a couple of my students suffered! For daily wear I particularly like the half-zip sweat and the discreet pant in denim. This gear is as tough as the folks who will be wearing it."

Bill Jeans 

Morrigan Consulting


"As a firearms instructor, I understand that the clothes you wear are just as important as any other tactical gear you use. With EOTAC's entry into the tactical apparel market I can now upgrade my wardrobe with superior clothing. EOTAC's clothing is well designed, constructed with quality in mind, and gear I recommend for both range work and everyday wear."

Tiger McKee 

Director of Shootrite Firearms Academy 

Author of "The Book of Two Guns"


"Whether instructing students, training or conducting tactical operations it's paramount that I'm confident in all my clothing and equipment. My clothing has to be durable and functional across a wide range of tactical applications. EOTAC is the best line of tactical clothing and my first choice."

Joseph L. Morrison 

MSgt USMC Force Recon Retired


"The new EOTAC is exactly what we are looking for. The fit is improved, the designs are excellent and the execution spectacular. We at EAG wear this line because it provides us with the fit, comfort and durability we require on the range."

Pat Rogers 

EAG Tactical


"Being aware that EOTAC by design is for tactical applications and even the name itself represents elite operators and so forth this clothing more importantly also addresses just regular everyday people. If you need clothing to wear daily that looks good and yet at the same time supports and protects the use of your equipment for individual personal protection you would be well served to take a good look at EOTAC clothing."

Clint & Heidi Smith 

Thunder Ranch 

Oregon, U.S.A.


"I have worn the EOTAC Tactical Clothing and find that it meets the highest standard. The trousers are well designed, very comfortable and consistent in sizing. The shirts are well fitted and present a very professional appearance."

Ed Stock 

Firearms Instructor


"EOTAC clothing pushes the bar even higher in terms of comfort and attention to detail. The lightweight clothing in particular are my favorites and my first choice for range wear. Highly recommended."

Larry A. Vickers 

Master Sergeant US Army (Retired) 

Career US Special Operations Soldier 

Combat Marksmanship Instructor 

Firearms Industry Consultant


"Outstanding materials and workmanship. Coupled with end user design input, this is a high performance apparel line for the armed professional."

Hilton Yam 

10-8 Performance


"I find the line rugged and well designed. Meets my daily needs with function and style."

Bob Young 

Col. USMC (Ret.)